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The Cambridge Hotel

789 Hunter Street
Newcastle West 2302
Website: http://www.yourcambridge.com/

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Articles Featuring The Cambridge Hotel

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Toe to Toe Gig  Bands go for vinyl 5/8/1998
The Mavis's  Mavis's Making a Mark 12/8/1998
Theatre Sports  Theatre to Sport Humour 26/8/1998
The Fauves  Turn up for Fauves 9/9/1998
Dig it Up '98  Dig It Up Tour Gig at Cambridge 16/9/1998
Guttermouth  Punkers Put Foot Down 7/10/1998
No Idea  No Idea, Post-Recovery 4/11/1998
Eskimo Joe  Eskimo Joe is Snowed Under 18/11/1998
No Fun at All  Fun in Planting Some Seeds 18/11/1998
DJ Benjamin Gilmour  Yeah, Baby, Just Groovy 18/11/1998
Bouncing Souls  Ska's Soulmates 25/11/1998
59 Times the Pain  Double Bunger 25/11/1998
Lavish  Lavish praises 9/12/1998
Audiophile  New Name in the Game 16/12/1998
Peepshow  Peepshow Gets Look in 16/12/1998
Magic Dirt  Dirty, Cosmic Bill 23/12/1998
Primary  Primary to Shock 20/1/1999
Elope  Elope takes gig break 27/1/1999
Nancy Vandal  Ska Sounds at 10/3/1999
The Leapord Skin Loungs  Lounge About 10/3/1999
Reel Big Fish  Cambridge Reels in the Big Sounds 24/3/1999
Tiddas  Rising Urban Legends 31/3/1999
Nik Fish  Win Copy of New Nik Fish CD 14/4/1999
Qwake  Qwake Takes to Airwaves 24/4/1999
Fields  Fields of Shimmering Guitar 2/6/1999
Sue Carson  Sue Flies Solo Into a Great New Career 15/9/1999
Jacuzzi Suit  Slip into a hot Jacuzzi Suit ...Chocolate, blues fleck! 15/9/1999
Fabba  Come Out for a Mardi Gras time 15/9/1999
The Whitlams  Hear it first at the Cambridge 6/10/1999
The Bluehouse  Just a Little Bit Blue 17/11/1999
Saxanova  Rocking in Your Xmas Stockings 22/12/1999
The Grapes  Grapes'll Get a Serious Grip on You 26/1/2000
Deborah Conway  Conway Returns with Killer Attitude 29/3/2000
Plan 9  Smashing Slacker Anthems 5/4/2000
Nokturnl  Something to Say, at Full Tilt 12/4/2000
Diana ah Naid  Diana Ah Naid 12/4/2000
Purplene  Gig of the Week 19/4/2000
PMS  Cover Band All About Having Fun 17/5/2000
Slink  Slinking Back Into The City 31/5/2000
Big Heavy Stuff  Cambridge set for solid blistering Night 7/6/2000
The Resin Dogs  Resin Dogs set to launch new single 14/6/2000
78 Saab  Retro Group Wheels Into Town 14/6/2000
Sistah Cypher  Hip-hopsters Advised to Hit the Cambridge to Hear Sistah Cypher 28/6/2000
Supersonic  Boys Keen to Leap 5/7/2000
Head Poppin' Fattness  Fat Funk Sound Shoots From Hip 16/8/2000
Vitalbeats  Vitalbeats for Dancing Feet 23/8/2000
Vital Beats  Electronic Energy 13/9/2000
Vitalbeats  Techno Takes on Town 8/11/2000
Kid Kenobi  Kid Kenobi Headlines Vitalbeats 6/12/2000
Midnite Soul Dance Party  Hip and Soul DJs to Liven up Dance Party with Grooves 13/12/2000
Out of sight  Out of sight . . . 24/1/2001
Jonah's Pride  Natural-Born Storytellers 24/1/2001
Midnite Soul Dance Party  Dance Party Double Up 31/1/2001
Kairus  All-girl Band Doing it for Themselves 7/2/2001
The Day Glo Abortions  Canadian Punks Adopt God Theme 14/2/2001
Subterfuge  Subterfuge Exposed as Home-bred Hard-edge Rockers 21/2/2001
Vitalbeats  Electronic Infusion for Vitalbeats Birthday 28/3/2001
Local Original Music Gigs  Cambridge Hotel Freshens Up 25/4/2001
Vitalbeats  Hotel Moving to Fresh Groove 23/5/2001
Old Growth Forever  Bands Band Together to Save Species from Logging 6/6/2001
Lash  Classic Australian Indie That is Cool by Definition Eskimo Joe in Town for Show at Cambridge 13/6/2001
Nutshell Breaks  Success worth repeat, in Nutshell 13/6/2001
Starpark  Starpark Land on XTC Album 20/6/2001
Chi  Shoplifters to Pilfer Queer Kind of Cash 20/6/2001
Vitalbeats Dance Party  Vitalbeats Pumping Out Again at Party 27/6/2001
Nutshell Breaks  Breaks Master Illpickl up for Jam at Nutshell Breaks 4/7/2001
Frankenbok  Metal Masters find Baby Love in Studio 11/7/2001
Amber Savage  Sound Out the Cream 25/7/2001
Nathan Ranclaud  Nathan to add comedy to the mix 8/8/2001
Nutshell Breaks  Frenzie Headlines Nutshell All-Nighter 5/9/2001
Vocal Assault Gig  Sodastream Adding Fizz to Gig 12/9/2001
Operation Lager and The I Love Busey Show  Prankster Punks Find a World of Difference 19/9/2001
Necropolis Nightclub  Goths Toasting Anniversary 19/9/2001
Ska Trek  Terrific Line-up For next Ska Trek 19/9/2001
This Is Not Art, Sound Summit and Electrofringe  Tremendous Range of Shows Swamp the City 26/9/2001
The Mad Professor  Daddy of Dub Brings His Art to the Festival 26/9/2001
Tonchi  Songwriter to Promote Album 10/10/2001
Nutshell Breaks  Groove with Twisted Beats 10/10/2001
Final Vitalbeats Dance Party  Last Stand Before Moving to New Digs 24/10/2001
Ska Trek  Ska Trek Prepares for Third Chapter 7/11/2001
Nutshell Breaks  Talented Artists Crack the Nutshell 7/11/2001
The Hive  Hive Knows How to Set the Music Scene Buzzing 14/11/2001
Slide09 Party  Slide Show With a Difference 21/11/2001
Shutterspeed  Keep an Eye out For Shutterspeed 28/11/2001
Jerk  Jerk Promises Top Cambridge Show 5/12/2001
Nutshell Breaks  Kid Kenobi to Send Dancers Nuts With his Groovy Sounds 12/12/2001
Celibate Rifles  Celibate Rifles Still a Band of High Calibre 19/12/2001
Atom  Quirky Musician Ready to Blast Your Socks Off 30/1/2002
Cog  A Cog in a Well-Fused Machine 6/2/2002
Ska Trek Episode 5  City to Show Off its Ska in Yet Another Gripping Episode 6/2/2002
The Psyclones  Step Back in Time on the Dance Floor 20/2/2002
Nutshell Breaks  Huge Turnout on Deck for Last Nutshell Break 13/3/2002
The Saints  Grunter of a Set Promised at Saints Cambridge Gig 20/3/2002
Whopping Big Naughty  Whopping 17/4/2002
Chalice  Chalice and Dungeon Live 17/4/2002
His Exploding Universe  Classic Kuepper 17/4/2002
Nutshell Breaks  Heavy Night to Beat 17/4/2002
Skunkfest 2002  Fans In For Skanking Good Time at City's Skunkfest 24/4/2002
Vitalbeats  Birthday Time for City's Original Dance Party 24/4/2002
Nunchukka Superfly  Punk Musos in Newmix Head for The Lab 1/5/2002
The Lucksmiths  Lucksmiths Drop into Newcastle 8/5/2002
Kaleidoscope  Gourmet Choice 15/5/2002
Psi.Kore  Psi Kore Thrashing to Melodic Beat 19/6/2002
Segression  Segression is Making a New Musical Progression 26/6/2002
Supersonic  Supersonic, Super Sound 7/8/2002
King Mungi  Sound That Really Bites 14/8/2002
Undermine  Undermine Overjoyed by Album Release 14/8/2002
Cryogenic  One to Savour 21/8/2002
Bubblevicious  Bubble Girls Back in Town 11/9/2002
Augie March  March Relaxed and Comfortable 25/9/2002
The Butterfly Effect  Butterfly Having a Ball 6/11/2002
An Empty Flight  Flight Path To Success 6/11/2002
Brindle  The Rise and Rise of Brindle 3/3/2003
Peabody  Sydney Punksters 3/3/2003
Donavon Frankenfurter  Laid-Back Songs in Retro Style 24/3/2003
Gersey  Gersey 8/4/2003
Razel  Razel 8/4/2003
Gelbison  Gelbison 8/4/2003
Sleek the Elite  Sleek Sound From Rapper 9/7/2003
The Sleepy Jackson  Dream Run 9/7/2003
Grandville  Grandville 16/7/2003
Sleight of Hand  New Tricks From Sleight of Hand 6/8/2003
Good Buddha  Natural Fusion for the Future 20/8/2003
The Herd  Herd Mentality Sees Comment On Life, Politics 27/8/2003
The Hope Conspiracy  Hardcore Outfit's Touring Mission 17/9/2003
Front End Loader  Minimum Fuss But Maximum Force 17/9/2003
The Givegods  Laid Back or Contemporary: It Rocks 17/9/2003
Sleek the Elite  Good Rhymes, Good Times 24/9/2003
Baggsmen  Satisfying Mix Of Styles 22/10/2003
Magic Dirt  Tough In It's Basics 12/11/2003
28 Days  Write Approach For Fans 12/11/2003
Xavier Rudd  Versatile Musician A Blast 12/11/2003
Bluebottle Kiss  A Band Of Distinction 12/11/2003
The Church  Resurrection Of The Church 19/11/2003
Pete Murray  From Unknown to Popularity 19/11/2003
Bluebottle Kiss  Kiss From The Gods 26/11/2003
Sunk Loto  Intense Sounds On The Second Break 26/11/2003
Bodyjar  Keeping Punk Alive 7/1/2004
The Hard Ons  Hard Act to Follow 7/1/2004
The Cat Empire  Feline Good 14/1/2004
The Hard Ons  Punk's Hard Men to Complete Tour 28/1/2004
The Hard Ons  Punk's Hard Men to Complete Tour 4/2/2004
The Pictures  Picture Now In Focus 11/2/2004
Dan Kelley and the Alpha Males  Kelley Gang Steals The Show 18/2/2004
Apsci  New York Trio Making Traks 18/2/2004
In The Grey  No Label, Other Than Rock 25/2/2004
Neil Hamburger  Comedy Act Is On The Menu 25/2/2004
The Dirty Skanks  It Is Skanky, Party Rock For Cavaleri 3/3/2004
The Real McKenzies  Punk Scot Canadians Aboot 17/3/2004
Hilltop Hoods  Hop On to See Hip Hoods 7/4/2004
Jackass  Hop On In To See The Hoods 7/4/2004
Gary Jules  Grounded In A Mad World 14/4/2004
Vanlustbader  Moving Sound 21/4/2004
Amy Vee  Amy's Work Ethic 21/4/2004
Dr Octopus  Best of Ska Offered 28/4/2004
PaperHalo  Paperhalo EP Launch 5/5/2004
Unpaid Debt  Interest In Unpaid Debt 9/6/2004
Purplene  Purplene Focus On Production 16/6/2004
Afro Moses  Breaking Down Barriers 16/6/2004
Dozer  Dozer Starts Tour On Big Note 16/6/2004
Fur Patrol  Surviving The Big Collision 23/6/2004
The Healing Art  Healthy Reception For Band's Effort 23/6/2004
Vanlustbader  Glory in the Power of Splendour 7/7/2004
Antiskeptic  Antiskeptic Rips It Up 18/8/2004
Tim Freedman  Freedman Solo 18/8/2004
Celibate Rifles  Nothing Can Replace 23 Years Of Passion 1/9/2004
The Spazzys  A Dream Come True 22/9/2004
Tim Freedman  Tim Celebrates Whitlam Years 22/9/2004
The Grand Silent System  System Sick Of Silence 22/9/2004
Epicure  Taste Of Epicure 6/10/2004
Daysend  Metal Benefits From Right Alloy 13/10/2004
Bluebottle Kiss  Last Chance Kiss 20/10/2004
Most Precious Blood  Outfit Hard To The Core 27/10/2004
You Am I  Catch Them While You Can 27/10/2004
Goodshirt  Goodshirt Returns Clothed In Success 3/11/2004
Pulley  New Album Matters Most 3/11/2004
Rocket Science  Sex Sells For Rocket Science 10/11/2004
Mickyfin  Mickyfin Put Pieces In Puzzle 17/11/2004
Blowpop  Breaks Night A Top Uk Export 17/11/2004
Rock Out  Originals For Festive Season 1/12/2004
The Spazzys  Punks Juice It Up With Fruit 8/12/2004
Blowpop  Club Music Beats Blow Back In 15/12/2004
Cut La Roc  Potter A Mix Magician 5/1/2005
Comeback Kid  Highlights Of Hardcore 5/1/2005
Little Birdy  Big Year Booked For Little Birdy 12/1/2005
Terror  Terror Happy To Return 19/1/2005
Mental As Anything  Enjoyment: Mental As Anything Will Be At The Cambridge Hotel On Tuesday. 19/1/2005
Sarah Blasko  Blasko's Looking Forward To Chat 2/2/2005
Viagra Falls  Group's Infectious Act Drags Them In 9/2/2005
The Black Keys  Blues Duo To Pop In From Us 9/2/2005
Mylo  Magic From Turntable 9/2/2005
Anti-Flag  An Energetic Experience 16/2/2005
Madball  Group Plugs Into A Fierce Sound 16/2/2005
The Spazzys  Kat Up Close And Personal 23/2/2005
Pungent Stench  Stench Shares Its Brand Of Sick 2/3/2005
The Cops  Funk Fresh From The Festivals 9/3/2005
Peabody  Unleashing A Wrecking Ball 23/3/2005
Dirty Pink Jeans  Big Year For Blues Rockers 30/3/2005
Strung Out  Strung Out Signs Up 6/4/2005
Blue Juice  Independents On A Winner 13/4/2005
Cog  Small Town Provides Some New Normality 13/4/2005
Dan Brodie  Solid Pop Rock Replaces Country Crooning 13/4/2005
Peabody  Wait Over For Peabody Album 27/4/2005
The Mess Hall  Blues-infused Duo Bring On The Mess 27/4/2005
Nutshell Breaks  Go Nuts On Your Birthday 27/4/2005
Nutshell Breaks  Kid Gets Straight Down To Business 11/5/2005
Magic Dirt  Magic Dirt To Play For Teens 25/5/2005
Mousemoon  Last Gig Before Studio Calls Mousemoon 25/5/2005
Throwdown  Festival Throwdown 25/5/2005
The Matches  Kids' Hunger To Perform For Kids 1/6/2005
Dexter  Turntable Wiz To Headline 8/6/2005
Great Dividing Range  Great Alternative Country Rock 8/6/2005
Tigermoth  Energy And Passion Captured 8/6/2005
Bleeding Through  Artists To Watch Pass Through 15/6/2005
The Mess Hall  Duo's Influences Kept Inside 22/6/2005
Whirlwind Heat  Whirlwind Adventure For Young Musos 22/6/2005
Black Nielson  Long Road For Black Nielson 22/6/2005
After The Fall  Texas Takes Toll But Album Goes Ahead 13/7/2005
The Pictures  Pictures Back In Focus 13/7/2005
Nutshell Breaks  Slyde Nears Tour End 13/7/2005
Youth Group  Overseas Success For Youth Group 13/7/2005
Sarah McLeod  Sarah Is Carving Up Coast 20/7/2005
Sarah Blasko  Welcome Overture For Weary Traveller 20/7/2005
Epicure  Epicure To Walk The Tightrope 27/7/2005
Glass Army  Local Talent On Show 27/7/2005
Crowned King  Expect Mayhem At Crowned King 27/7/2005
I Killed the Prom Queen  Hand Of Hope: I Killed The Prom Queen, Playing At The Cambridge On Friday. 3/8/2005
Sarah McLeod  Hard Rock Has Its Beauty 10/8/2005
Sneaky Sound System  Home After European Blitz 10/8/2005
Bluebottle Kiss  Bluebottle Kiss 17/8/2005
Nutshell Breaks  Freestylers Are Much Stronger After Push Up 7/9/2005
The Fast Girl Tour  Gyroscope Want To Get Involved 7/9/2005
The Wireflys  Safety In Numbers For Looks, Wireflys 14/9/2005
The Mess Hall  Debut A Messy Start 21/9/2005
The Seabellies  Get A Bellyful Of New Band 21/9/2005
Cornstalk  Cornstalk Reach For The Light 28/9/2005
Parkway Drive  Hard-core Invades Pop 28/9/2005
The Butterfly Effect  Butterflies Effect Escape From Pupa 5/10/2005
Suicide Machines  Machine Men Say No To War 5/10/2005
Red Riders  Hurricane Tour Blows Into Town 12/10/2005
The Royal Crown Review  Rowdy Crowds Crowning Glory 19/10/2005
Hayseed Dixie  Hayseeds Weld Metal And Bluegrass 19/10/2005
Tim Rogers  Can-do Tim Says Roger To Being Busy 19/10/2005
Hell City Glamours  Sparkling Year For Glam-rock Lads 26/10/2005
Sarah McLeod  Sarah Is Comfortable In Her Own Saddle 2/11/2005
Dappled Cities Fly  Fly Boys On A Wing And A Prayer 2/11/2005
Champion  Grit: Champion, At The Cambridge Hotel On December 14. 9/11/2005
Mick Harvey  Harvey Finds His Treasure In A Solo Career 9/11/2005
The Porkers  Celebration Of Pure Survival 16/11/2005
Grand Fatal  Warning: Day Jobs Can Be Fatal 14/12/2005
Champion  Hardcore Has Consequences 14/12/2005
Rock v Rap  Rock V Rap Showdown Will Draw The Line 21/12/2005
Nutshell Breaks  Breakbeat Elite In Town 21/12/2005
Mixology 8  Leading Lady Continues The Mix 21/12/2005
The Hot Lies  Punksters Not Lying Low 11/1/2006
The Boat People  Not Taking No For An Answer 25/1/2006
Suicide Girls  Cheeky Twist On Burlesque Show 1/2/2006
Comeback Kid  Fun Came Before The Fame For Canadians 8/2/2006
Nutshell Breaks  Taylor Takes A Break To Launch New Album 8/2/2006
The Dead Walk  Dead Band Walking 15/2/2006
The Misfits  Legendary Punk Misfits In Town 15/2/2006
Karnivool  The Karnivool To Continue 22/2/2006
Gyroscope  Gyroscope Keeps On Moving 1/3/2006
Hey da Vinci  Close To Perfect Life 1/3/2006
Moo Band Comp  Get Set For A Moo-ving Event 8/3/2006
Nutshell Breaks  Luckily For Fans, The Beat Goes On And On 8/3/2006
The Misfits  Faithful Fan Base Embraces The Misfits 15/3/2006
Weir  A Group Of Serious Influence 15/3/2006
The Tucker B's  Drumming Up Support 22/3/2006

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