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Hand Of Hope: I Killed The Prom Queen, Playing At The Cambridge On Friday.

Hand Of Hope: I Killed The Prom Queen, Playing At The Cambridge On Friday.

Who: I Killed the Prom Queen
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday August 5, 2005

IT'S been a big few years for Adelaide band I Killed the Prom Queen .

Hailing from a city more famous for its churches than its hardcore music, the band has toured nationally with Evergreen Terrace , Give Up The Ghost and Boy Sets Fire .

These tours saw the band of brothers go from local up-and- comers to arguably the most successful band in Australian hardcore.

After coming together in 2001 they had line-up changes that would normally destroy an outfit. But they've only made this one stronger. The current line-up has been in place since the release of their debut album When Goodbye Means Forever in late 2003.

Prom Queen wanted more, though, and after a solid headline tour titled When Goodbye Means We're Off To America , the boys set sail to wow audiences on a new continent.

They had a two-month stint playing with bands like It Dies Today , Evergreen Terrace , Caliban , On Broken Wings , Until The End and Between The Buried And Me , which resulted in an American release of their album Hand of Hope. The cherry on top of the first American tour by a virtually unknown Aussie band was Prom Queen playing the biggest hardcore festival in the world, Hellfest.

Back in Australia, Prom Queen have continued to grow with sold-out tours alongside Alexisonfire and From Autumn To Ashes , as well as two headline tours.

This year has also been exceptional, with a spot at the Adelaide Big Day Out Festival and a re-release of their debut EP, now titled Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You .

Now, four years after forming, the band shows no sign of slowing down.

They are about to head out on a massive 20-date national tour before they once again say goodbye to their homeland.

This time they will head to Sweden to record an album with famed metal producer Fredrik Nordstrom . who has worked on other such brilliant acts as Soilwork , In Flames , At the Gates and The Haunted . You can catch I Killed the Prom Queen at an all-ages concert at the Cambridge Hotel this Friday.

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