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Resurrection Of The Church

Resurrection Of The Church

Who: The Church
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday November 21, 2003

IN a career that has spanned three decades, THE CHURCH is living proof that with good music, you can strike a chord with a fan of any age.

The Church made a major return in 2003 with the release of a new album and a tour, which will arrive at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night.

The tour will also include a performance on the main stage at HOMEBAKE on December 6.

Guitarist PETER KOPPES said the band was approaching the show as a challenge.

``At a festival, you're very popular and people know your stuff you're right but it's harder for an intimate act to make it work,'' Koppes said.

``We won't be able to do our usual 2 sfr1/2 hour show, which is more a jamming style.

'' Scoring a slot on the Homebake bill is further proof of The Church's growing popularity with young fans and it will place them alongside the likes of THE VINES and THE SLEEPY JACKSON.

``We were a bit of a radical band when we first started but we are survivors,'' Koppes said.

``A lot of younger people like the band and I don't think we'll feel bad among them.

'' The tour celebrates the release of the new album Forget Yourself which Koppe and fellow members MARTY WILLSON-PIPER, STEVE KILBEY and TIM POWLES regard as one of the best.

``You don't want to blow your own trumpet but I think we are finding it again,'' he said.

``We think our music is more mature these days.

'' Following the Australian dates, The Church will set out on an overseas tour.

Fans were given a preview of the new album during a sold-out show at SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE recently where the performed before a backdrop of captivating visuals.

Tickets to Friday night's gig are $20 from the Cambridge Hotel.

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