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Close To Perfect Life

Close To Perfect Life

Who: Hey da Vinci
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday March 2, 2006

IT all seemed a little too easy when guitarists Ethan James and Leo McHugh decided to form a band.

And in many ways it was.

James met McHugh at a party in late 2004 and after discussing music for most of the night, the decision to form Hey da Vinci was made.

Just two weeks later the pair found a drummer in Mick Fink and a bass player, Mike Whyte. All were involved in other musical projects but once they began jamming together it was clear they were on to something worth pursuing.

`Even though we were all into other projects at the time, when the four of us played together for the first time it was like a light came on,'' James said.``It was like getting a job promotion and two wage rises at once. It was an opportunity that we just couldn't go past, as well as being the most fun I think I've ever had playing in a band.'' From there the band began playing gigs around Sydney and with only a handful of shows up its sleeve, Hey da Vinci managed to get a record deal.

James had been friendly with Steve Francis of Timelock Productions and worked on demos with him in the past.

``When I called him up and told him that I'd just fallen into this amazing band he was really keen to come to a show and check it out.``As rough as it was you could tell there was something special about it, it was more than the sound of four guys playing in a room.'' After six months refining its live show, Hey da Vinci released the debut album, Perfect Life , likened to Green Day.

It has garnered comparisons to the likes of Gin Blossoms and Green Day. ``We talked about the option of touring for another year or so before releasing our first album and decided that we'd release this one then tour for a year and then release another one.'' Hey da Vinci has been performing heavily around Sydney at venues such as The Basement and will perform in Newcastle at the Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night. ``We're pretty happy with how the whole thing has come to life. Two years ago we didn't even know each other. Now we have an album out together and are playing in this band and are more like brothers most times than friends.``It's scary how life can change so quickly.''

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