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Sound That Really Bites

Sound That Really Bites

Who: King Mungi, Spook
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday August 14, 2002

MUSICALLY speaking, when people think Queensland they think rock act POWDERFINGER. But for Queenslanders who prefer their sound with a little more edge, KING MUNGI has been on hand to fill that void.

Over the past three years, the metal band has developed a reputation as one of the country's most 'ferocious' bands.

The band had the chance to put that ferocious sound on record when it released its debut mini album FEAR THE LITTLE PEOPLE in February.

Made up of BEN WHITECROSS on vocals, COREY ABSELL on bass, CLAYTON BARNARD on drums and LUKE ATTRELL on guitar, the band's music has a range of influences.

Whitecross and Barnard both grew up in Papua New Guinea.

The band's metal riffs are mixed with samples of pidgin English and focus on subjects such as life in Papua New Guinea and police corruption.

Likened to the vocals of MIKE PATTON and a sound as raw as the ROLLINS BAND, King Mungi hopes to begin production on an album early next year.

Catch King Mungi at THE CAMBRIDGE HOTEL tonight with SPOOK. Entry is free.

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