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Fun in Planting Some Seeds

Fun in Planting Some Seeds

Who: No Fun at All
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday November 25, 1998

GET plenty of rest before high-energy Swedish rockers NO FUN AT ALL roll into the Cambridge Hotel on Wednesday, November 25.

It will be the second time the group has played in Newcastle since releasing its third full-length CD, THE BIG KNOCKOVER, through SHOCK RECORDS in July last year.

The gig will feature San Diego punk band BOUNCING SOLES and Melbourne's NO IDEA. Both internationals are in Australia for SURF, SKATE, SLAM and an east coast tour.

NFAA songs such as CATCH ME RUNNING AROUND, SUICIDE MACHINE and SHOULD HAVE KNOWN are about stresses of everyday life and pressures bearing down upon us.

Singer INGEMAR JANSSON says the lyrics place value in stepping back and getting things into perspective.

'A lot of people are running around not really having any grip of what they're doing, which I think is a pity sometimes,' he said.

The frantic-paced, high-energy, riffarama rock music sends a positive message with adrenalin-charged exuberance.

Jansson says he hopes the music will inspire audiences 'to think for yourself'.

'There's a lot of people not thinking too much in the world today, and letting people think for them, so it would be a better place if people start to take some sort of interest in their surroundings and life,' he says.

'I don't think we're gonna change people just by putting out a record, but if you put some seed into some people's head that maybe they can do something, it's worth it.'

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