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Canadian Punks Adopt God Theme

Canadian Punks Adopt God Theme

Who: The Day Glo Abortions, Cash From Chaos, The Last Hemmeroid, Draw the Line
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Friday February 16, 2001

Canadian purveyors of old school punk rock THE DAY GLO ABORTIONS will preach to the converted on Friday night at the Cambridge Hotel.

With tongues planted firmly in their cheeks the veteran musicians, with a knack for blasphemous and controversial statements, claim to have 'found God' through a new saviour JESUS BONEHEAD. The recently reformed group said in a statement that it would harness the powers of 'righteous indignation to seize back that which was rightfully theirs'.

Presumably the band, formed in the 1980s, is cashing in on the worldwide renewal of interest in punk and has released a new album DEATH RACE 2000 to capitalise.

In a blustering statement the band explained:

'With strength born of uncompromising determination they have persevered through loss, earthly excesses and reformation to emerge from the vaginal tunnel of their depravity willing to take on the world.'

Band members have adopted the pseudonyms of JESUS, THE CRETIN, SPUD, HUNG and GYMBO for the tour.

Newcastle punkettes CASH FROM CHAOS, THE LAST HEMOROIDS and DRAW THE LINE will support. Tickets are $12.

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