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Publication Date Artist/Event Title
14/2/2001 View The Day Glo Abortions  Canadian Punks Adopt God Theme
14/2/2001 View Splurge  Splurge Has Urge to Please
14/2/2001 View Snape Bros  Snapes Prepared for a Crack at the Country Airwaves
14/2/2001 View Sara Storer  Storer Fresh From Golden Guitar Win
14/2/2001 View Chill  Lauren's Chilling Vocal Lead
14/2/2001 View Epicure  Epicure Brings Top Radio Favourites to Northern Star Hotel
14/2/2001 View Lyle Atkins  Musician Thriving After Deciding to Perform Solo
14/2/2001 View Melodica  Acoustic Fridays at Clarendon
31/1/2001 View Jeannie Little  Little Wonder that Jeanne Found Fame
24/1/2001 View Mick Freeman  Playing it for the Punters
20/12/2000 View I Can't Believe It's Not Rock  And Now for Something Different
6/12/2000 View Wheatus  Rockers Wheatus Holding Their Title
29/11/2000 View Powderkeg  Punk Rockers Ready to Blast Off with New CD
22/11/2000 View Frenzal Rhomb  League of Their Own
8/11/2000 View Davola  Davola forges own way
8/11/2000 View Henry's Anger  Powerhouse Simmons Set for Homecoming
8/11/2000 View Single and Sexy Ball  Pursuing Partners
1/11/2000 View Grant Richardson  Grant Dripping With Country Spirit
25/10/2000 View Newcastle Steel City Country Music Club Festival  Countrymusic Couple to Star
18/10/2000 View Little Hornet  Little Hornet Can Go a Long Way
18/10/2000 View The Dish  Laughter on a Dish
11/10/2000 View The PR Team  Middle Class nerds Tongue-in-Cheek Look at Industry
11/10/2000 View Oblivia  Oblivia All in the Mind
4/10/2000 View Harriet Littlesmith  Harriet/4
27/9/2000 View Adam Brand  Brand New Version of Country Rock
20/9/2000 View John Paul Young  'Squeak' Takes to World Stage
23/8/2000 View Deadstar  Rising Stars at Fannys
9/8/2000 View Slim Dusty  Aussie Legend Stays True to Bush
26/7/2000 View East is East  Cultured Family Ties
17/5/2000 View Television Overview  Turn Off and Tune into Life Without TV
3/5/2000 View Charlotte's Web  Young People Work and Play
5/4/2000 View Mood Indigo  Mood Indigo a Fraser family affair
8/3/2000 View Two Up  Two Up puts the spin on fashion
26/1/2000 View Vanessa Amorosi  Have a Geek at Amorosi's Top Style
19/1/2000 View Millencolin  Swedish Punks Barrel into Wickham
19/1/2000 View Catherine Britt  Lurv Those Heartaches
15/12/1999 View Cabin Fever  Best to Come at 'A Band a Buck'
8/12/1999 View The Hatton Duo  Last Hurrah for Hattons
24/11/1999 View Musofest  Music Town Pub kicks off Festival
10/11/1999 View Fuel  Fuelling the Hype
3/11/1999 View Howlin  CD will Have 'em Howlin for More
3/11/1999 View Play School Concerts  James Works, Plays Onstage and Screen
3/11/1999 View Supersonic CD Review  Something Borrowed, and New
27/10/1999 View The Cruel Sea  Best Produced in Adventurous Decade
20/10/1999 View International Wrestling Australia  Vulcan to Turn Up Heat on Wrestling
13/10/1999 View The Sacred Hearts  Rockabilly Gets at Heart of Rock Event
15/9/1999 View Slim Dusty  Chances to Hear an Aussie Llegend
8/9/1999 View Weeks Gig List Featuring Diverse Perfoemers  Slim Dusty to The Angels
8/9/1999 View Brent Parlane  Web of Oopportunity
1/9/1999 View Pattie Amphlett  Tickling Little Pattie
25/8/1999 View Newcastle Jazz Festival  Air Force Band in a Jazzy Mood
11/8/1999 View Llama Appreciation Society Website  Silverchair Fan Wins Web Award
28/7/1999 View Mal Eastick  Blues Man Eastick
16/12/1998 View The Beach Boys  Win Beach Boys Video
9/12/1998 View America  America Still Needs You
2/12/1998 View The Wiggles  Kids Flock to Hear Their Favourite Group
25/11/1998 View Utopian Babies  Babies Have a Hit on the Way
25/11/1998 View Superjesus  Superjesus to Return
18/11/1998 View Jimi Hendrix - The Wizards of OZ  Horne Falls Under Spell of Voodoo
18/11/1998 View Brien McVernon  11-Track Labour of Love CD Launch
21/10/1998 View Fini Scad  Harder Than Copper
14/10/1998 View Wuthering Heights  Dim Lights, Hit Those Heights
30/9/1998 View Michael Crawford  Some Stars do Have it
9/9/1998 View Peepshow  Closer Look at Peepshow
2/9/1998 View Wildflower  Dee takes Time to Be Flower
2/9/1998 View Gina Jeffreys  Golden Gina Has the Gift
26/8/1998 View Gina Jeffreys  Gina's Turning Music Into Gold
26/8/1998 View The Cruel Sea  Perkins Content to Go With the Flow of the Cruel Sea
5/8/1998 View Me Me Me  Rockabilly Revival
22/7/1998 View Swimming The Globe  Play Marries Sport, Peace
17/6/1998 View The Arena Spectacular  Well-Greased Show Returns