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Grant Dripping With Country Spirit

Grant Dripping With Country Spirit

Who: Grant Richardson
Where: Club Macquarie
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Sunday November 5, 2000

YOU can take the boy out of the country, but when GRANT RICHARDSON travelled to Sydney to record his first single, he proved that a little bit of country remained in the boy.

Richardson, who will perform for the STEEL CITY COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB this Sunday at Club Macquarie, described his first experience of the big smoke as 'a culture shock'.

'My first trip over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Kings Cross - all these women kept offering to take me home for the night,' Richardson said.

With tongue in cheek, the part-time shearer and stockman turned music star said 'it's good to see that good old-fashioned hospitality is alive and well in the big city.'

Fortunately Richardson's STARMAKER experiences have added to his worldliness.

In June he travelled to Sydney to record HUEY and GETTING BACK TO THE COUNTRY (on ABC COUNTRY/EMI). He won the recordings when he took out the TOYOTA COUNTRY STARMAKER earlier this year.

The 33-year-old wrote Huey about drought on the land. Getting Back To The Country was inspired by an experience in Sydney's central railway station.

Richardson won his first talent quest at the age of 23, and entered the Starmaker 'with the hope of breaking out of the pub and club circuit'. TE

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