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Punk Rockers Ready to Blast Off with New CD

Punk Rockers Ready to Blast Off with New CD

Who: Powderkeg
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Thursday November 30, 2000

'PUNK flavoured noises' from Maitland trio POWDERKEG will be tested on Newcastle audiences tomorrow night when the group launches its CD at SJ's Hotel in Hamilton.

The teen trio of DAVID BLACKWOOD, GREG KNIGHT and STEPHANIE THREAGATE has recorded a seven-track CD called LET'S NOT AND SAY WE DID which is available at gigs and Hunter retailers.

'I know every band says this but we don't play just one style,' bass player and backing vocalist Blackwood said.

He said the band's ska influences shone through from bands such as RANCID, THE PORKERS, AREA 7 and THE CLASH.

But the group's sounds was equally shaped by other genres of music with the punk and pop of groups like NOFX proving to be a strong influence as well.

The band performed some covers, such as HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN by THE ANIMALS, but did not treat them seriously, preferring to 'punk it up' to such as extent that they were transformed.

After tomorrow night's Newcastle CD launch, with Maitland's 'psychobilly' band RIOT, the band has two more gigs booked in Newcastle on Saturday night at the Cambridge Hotel and Hunter On Hunter.

Powderkeg will perform again in Maitland by the end of December for the launch of FLOODMUD 3, a compilation of Maitland band's produced by Maitland Youth Enterprises.

The open air all-ages gig has been pencilled in for Saturday, December 23, at the Maitland Skate Park.

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