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SJ's on Beaumont

8 Beaumont Street
Hamilton 2303

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Articles Featuring SJ's on Beaumont

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Glad  Glad to be going? 29/7/1998
The Testeagles  Eagles Test 29/7/1998
Brutal Truth  Hear the Truth 5/8/1998
Brook Thompson  Original is Surely Best 5/8/1998
Chicaine  Chicaine Turns it on With Drums 12/8/1998
Muzzy Pep  CD Debut Full of Pep 12/8/1998
Muzzy Pep  Bright, Weird Pop World 19/8/1998
Brutal Truth  Truth minus Spak Filla 2/9/1998
Brook Thompson  Brook Shows his Plucky Side 7/10/1998
The Best of the Sydney Comedy Festival  Laugh is on Us Interms of Comedy 14/10/1998
Chicaine  Chicaine Launches Lively Disc 25/11/1998
Beaverloop  Spring Joys Shared 16/12/1998
Kaboose  Kaboose Set to Smash 20/1/1999
Tractor  Tractor in Hothouse 27/1/1999
Clockwork Corporation  Precision Entertainment 10/2/1999
Colin Cole  Big Dollop of Comedy 10/2/1999
Trevor Crook  Genuine Arcticle 17/2/1999
Fred Lang  Local Winner? No joke 24/2/1999
Muzzy Pep  Johnny likes Muzzy 3/3/1999
Not From There  Electro Pranksters Join Kiwis 10/3/1999
Chamberlan's Dog  Worth a Bone 17/3/1999
Adam Couper  Comedian Racks up Humorous Act 17/3/1999
Davola  Davola EP Released Next Week 31/3/1999
Women of Troy  Sydney pop trio for SJ's 14/4/1999
The Comedy Hotel  Gags hit the mark 14/4/1999
The Twin Set  Tim Goes it Alone 24/4/1999
Heddy's Revenge  School Buds in Band Comp 19/5/1999
Jason Starret  Count on Lots of Laughter 2/6/1999
Mischling, Crawl, Davola Triple CD Launch  CD Launched With Spewbucket 7/7/1999
Rash Ryder  Being Rash is Funny 7/7/1999
Strength To Strength  A Win for Strength 25/8/1999
Cheezcake  Rocking Pedigree 15/9/1999
Supaslide  Supaslide's CD Makes Retail Debut 22/9/1999
Spy Vs Spy  I Spy Beach Babes 29/9/1999
Cutaway  Talent Launched 6/10/1999
Viagra Falls  Metal Double act Crawls Onto Scene 10/11/1999
Blacky's Blues  Blacky's Following the Blues Tradition 10/11/1999
Bodyjar  Bodyjar Compilation New Start 17/11/1999
Chinchen  New Chin Chen 24/11/1999
Muzzy Pep  Pep Poll 19/1/2000
Seven  Seven's superiority complex on show 23/2/2000
Diesel Boy  Diesel Boy burning for Newcastle debut 1/3/2000
Iota  Pop Rock: 8/3/2000
Nitocris  Live and Kicking 22/3/2000
Deadstar  Milk Flows at SJs 22/3/2000
Deadstar  Life through radio 29/3/2000
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine  Infectious and Cheesy But Fun 5/4/2000
Brook Thompson  Brook Follows New Direction 12/4/2000
Cheezcake  Recipe for Wild Night 19/4/2000
Michael Spibley  SJ's Biggies 19/4/2000
Ice Cream Hands  Top Pop Without Mess 21/6/2000
Dreadnaught  Heavy Rock: 21/6/2000
Liquafaction  Happy kind of music gets crowd moving 12/7/2000
Nitocris  New Album from Sydney Hellraisers 19/7/2000
Seven  Seven seize your ears with new CD 16/8/2000
Heddy's Revenge  Heddy's Happening 23/8/2000
Expozay Band Competition  Some promising punk helps others limp home 30/8/2000
Weeve  Newcastle to Welcome Weeve 6/9/2000
Anakin  Anakin spin their debut disc at SJ's 20/9/2000
Ausmusic Week Gig  Festival Comes to an End 18/10/2000
David Bridie  Bridie's Choice for Solo Career 18/10/2000
Richard Karninski  Comedian a Prankster on the Loose 25/10/2000
Phial  Phial Will Smile Your Dial 8/11/2000
Powderkeg  Punk Rockers Ready to Blast Off with New CD 29/11/2000
The Titanics  Titanics Set Course For a Great Night 29/11/2000
Enertia  Band Making it in a New Class 6/12/2000
Oblivia  From School Band to Chart Success 13/12/2000
Pre Shrunk  Melbourne Trio No Shrinking Violets 13/12/2000
Head Poppin' Fattness  Getting Ahead in Hip-Hop 20/12/2000
Waikiki  Rock Trash and Blues from Dreamy Trio 17/1/2001
Nokturnl  NoKTuRNL Digs Into Perception 31/1/2001
Invertigo  Invertigo Head into Town 21/2/2001
Chi  Fantastic Funksters Find a New Home in Hamilton 14/3/2001
Nitocris  All-girl Outfit Scales New Heights in Tour 21/3/2001
Pre Shrunk  Rhythm Lovers Are no Shrinking Stage Violets 21/3/2001
The Ataris  Yankee Punks Zero in on This Lil' City 11/4/2001
The Ataris  Ataris Get Great Support 18/4/2001
The Meanies  Meanies Step Out of Shadows 25/4/2001
Iota  Personal Touch on Deep, Dark New Recording 1/5/2001
Sick Puppies  Sick Puppies set to Lap up SJ's Energy 23/5/2001
Planet X  Band Out of This World 30/5/2001
Starlight Foundation Gig  Course Ends on High Note 13/6/2001
Phial  Phial set to Spill Over With Metallic Grooves 4/7/2001
SJ's Grand Slam  Young Talent Time Nearing SJ's Finale 11/7/2001
Spook  Spooks Out for Thrills in Ghoulish Party Night 11/7/2001
Elephant Gun  Elephant Gun Shoots a Mix of Heavy Metal and Rock 18/7/2001
Purple  Band Gets New Name, Singer 18/7/2001
Lump  Rock hard Lump Heading for Town 8/8/2001
Equinibrium  Metal Group Making big Name for Itself 15/8/2001
Primary  Primary Riding High on Album's Success 22/8/2001
Skunkhour  Boys Stay in the Groove, Simply 29/8/2001
Big Heavy Stuff  Hibernation in Mountains Produces Top Song, Album 5/9/2001
Giants of Science  Giants of Science Kept Busy with Tours, New EP 12/9/2001
ryandavid  Capital Idea Spurs Budding Solo Star 12/9/2001
Luke  Luke Ready to Rumble with Debut Disc Release 19/9/2001
Nick Barker  Barker Sheds Skin for Solo Career 19/9/2001
Miss Radio  Group Airs its Talents 17/10/2001
george  George Makes Big Impact 17/10/2001
Speedstar  Group Comes Down to Shine 17/10/2001
The Titanics  Titanics Cruising in to Ice Novocastrian Fans 31/10/2001
Good Buddha  Buddha Boys Make their Break 31/10/2001
The Resin Dogs  Hip and Happening Resin Dogs Hot Under the Collar for Triple Bill at SJ's 31/10/2001
The Gadflys  Gadflys Return for City Show with New Single 7/11/2001
Machine Gun Fellatio  Beer Drinking Woman back in town toting Machine Gun 14/11/2001
Mumonkan  Melbourne Shows How it Was Unearthed to High Acclaim 14/11/2001
Operation Lager and The I Love Busey Show  Rock On A Roll Feeds the Need 21/11/2001
Ezmerelda  Ezmerelda Full of Fused Mystery 21/11/2001
Pacer 21  Pals no More, Pacer 21 Out to Hit Perfect Note at SJ's 5/12/2001
Lavaland  Lavaland Flows Onto Scene with Unique Electronic Pop 5/12/2001
On Inc  No Longer Cranky, this Babs is Home for Good 19/12/2001
Supersonic  Supersonic Hit New Year Stage 23/1/2002
Chi  Funk Masters Bid Adieu to Fans 30/1/2002
The Teddysexuals  Popular Band Pops in to Share its Energetic and Imaginative Sound 27/2/2002
Munkyz Unkle  It's Fast, Fun and Energetic, It's Munkyz Unkle 13/3/2002
Luke  Last Chance for Luke Fans to Listen Up 13/3/2002
Lavaland  Lavaland Primed to Let Their Diverse Show Flow at SJs 22/5/2002
SOS (Something On Sunday)  Heed the Call to Support a Wide Array of Local Musical Talent and Have Fun 12/6/2002
Girls Against Boys  Girls Against Boys are Back 19/6/2002
Colourblind  Colourblind rise hits second wave with its release of alternative spills 26/6/2002
On Inc  On Inc Back In Business 6/11/2002

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