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Being Rash is Funny

Being Rash is Funny

Who: Rash Ryder
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Tuesday July 13, 1999

FUNNY bloke RASH RYDER arrives on stage apologising to his audience for being late - some bastard has parked him in and he had to stop and write an abusive note to the inconsiderate driver.

'I wrote: Please do not park here again it inconveniences others",' Ryder tells the audience.

'You'd be surprised how long it takes to write that with a car key!'

Ryder, performing on Tuesday, July 13 at THE COMEDY ROOM for SJ's Hotel, describes his humour as 'sarcastic, a bit laconic' and 'a bit stupid'.

The self-confessed 'class clown', who lives in Bondi, also has a starring role in THE SCREAMING JETS next video single INDIVIDUALITY due out at the end of this month.

At the end of the year he will also be one of six stars in a 'SYLVANIA WATERS'-type production being filmed for the United Kingdom's CHANNEL FOUR in conjunction with Australia's ABC TELEVISION. 'I'm going to be the new NOELENE (DONAHER),' Ryder says with a laugh.

The documentary, which focuses on the lives of six Bondi locals, films Ryder surfing, performing stand-up comedy and hosting strip shows for PIX and PEOPLE magazines and PENTHOUSE PETS shows.

Ryder also features in a radio show for the RADIO BONDI community station with fellow comedian HASKELL DANIELS, where he has interviewed prominent Bondi locals, including JASON DONOVAN. Another feature of Ryder's act, which he swears is a true story, involves him telephoning friends of the audience and pretending to be ringing from a local radio station.

Another gag is where he rings and pretends to be from a television game show, promising cash prizes for the person to 'stand in the driveway in their underwear wearing nothing but a bucket over their heads.'

Ryder will perform with MC THE DICKSTER and comedian DAN MCCARTEN. TE

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