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SJ's Biggies

SJ's Biggies

Who: Michael Spibley, Oscarlima
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Sunday May 14, 2000

SJ'S BIGGIES: WITH a new album called HO'S KITCHEN out now, MICHAEL SPIBEY, lead singer of THE BADLOVES who crooned such silky smooth tunes as GREEN LIMOUSINE and LOST, will perform at SJ's Hotel on Sunday, May 14, with fabbo Melbourne songsmiths OSCARLIMA. At the same venue on Tuesday, May 16, KIM SALMON & THE BUSINESS will perform, toting toons from Salmon's fresh new sounding RECORD. CHEAPER CDS: NEWCASTLE music retailer SOUNDWORLD has joined the growing ranks of music retailers selling over the Internet. The chain of stores has relaunched its website, www.soundworld.com.au, and boasts a host of exclusive deals with record labels that are updated regularly. According to webmaster PETER DAVIAS the cost of postage and handling is absorbed because online titles are usually a couple of bucks cheaper. Online orders are growing too, with online only offers ranging from free videos and CD samplers thrown in on various titles.

EXTRA BEXTA: AFTER a sellout show at The Cambridge Hotel's BAR DECO, Sydney dance music creator and DJ BEXTA is booked for another performance on Saturday, May 13.

TONCHI ROCKS: FORMER GOANNA front man SHANE HOWARD, in town earlier this month, was so impressed with Newcastle singer songwriter TONCHI MCINTOSH that he has offered to produce Tonchi's debut album. This Saturday, April 22, and the following Saturday, April 27, Tonchi will perform at Darling Harbour from 7.30pm. If you haven't heard Tonchi yet tune into ABC RADIO NEWCASTLE 1233 2NC which has recorded 15 of Tonchi's songs and plays them often.

STYLE WARS: LACHIE MURDOCH'S new play thing, the SPUTNIK record label, is coming to Newcastle next month on the back of REGURGITATOR'S Thursday, May 25 gig at the University of Newcastle. The national tour of bands signed to Sputnik is called STYLE WARS and features 28 DAYS, MOTORACE and NOKTURNL who supported TUMBLEWEED last Friday night at The Cambridge Hotel. To get punters off their backsides and into the venue to catch the support band, Sputnik is offering the first 50 punters a FREE CD which features each band covering one of the other band's songs. Nifty.

YOUTH GIG: HUNTER YOUTHNET will run two concerts during the Easter holidays. The first concert will be held at the Newcastle Skate Park, South Newcastle Beach, on Thursday, April 27, from 1pm until 4pm. The second concert will be held at CLUB MILLENNIUM, the former Mission Theatre in King St, Newcastle, on Friday, April 28, from 8pm until 11pm. Both concerts will feature live bands KYMBROGI and SUPERMARKET HERO with 'demos, dares, crazy games and prizes' on offer. Hunter Youthnet is a non-profit organisation based in Wickham.

MUSONET LIVE: NEWCASTLE entertainment agent MARTY WOOSTER and his business MARLIN ENTERPRISES is launching a new website Wooster hopes will become a one-stop shop for anyone looking for entertainment. The website, www.musonet.net.au, is launched today. Acts, venues and services can get a paid listing.

SHOOT OUT: THE fantastic SHOOT OUT FILM FESTIVAL, held in Newcastle for the first time last year, is set to go national in 2001. Shoot Out coordinator JADE SKELLY has said other cities will be given the opportunity to host their own Shoot Out festivals next year, with the opportunity to send their top entrants to Newcastle in 2001 for a national final. Meanwhile this year's Shoot Out is set down for Friday, July 7 to Sunday to July 9. Again the rules are competitors must shoot a film in 24 hours, on video, in the city of Newcastle, from Friday to Saturday. A screening and judging of the Top 10 films is held on the Sunday night.

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