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NoKTuRNL Digs Into Perception

NoKTuRNL Digs Into Perception

Who: Nokturnl
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Thursday February 1, 2001

NoKTuRNL seem to confound the critics when it comes to describing their music.

But there's one thing they all agree: NoKTuRNL, a three-piece from Alice Springs, is one of the hottest new Australian bands.

Nokturnl, playing tomorrow night at SJ's Hotel, describes itself as 'the vanguard of a new era'.

'They are changing the way we view Australian music and the way we view our relationship with this big brown land.'

Sydney music critic MICHAEL SMITH described NoKTuRNL as 'full tilt, in-your-face metal/blue/hip hop/core'.

The band's debut single NEVA MEND, released on SPUTNIK through MUSHROOM, received glowing reviews and high rotation on Australia's national youth broadcaster TRIPLE J. The mind-blowing video of Neva Mend had the storm from the desert setting fire to the city. It immediately became Channel V's 'Ripe Clip of the Week'. TE

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