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Invertigo Head into Town

Invertigo Head into Town

Who: Invertigo
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday February 28, 2001

POP-ROCK four-piece outfit Invertigo have enjoyed an arduous and very deliberate rise to radio popularity.

But what they want most, according to front-man Christian Argenti, is respect for their versatile rock-and-roll show.

Playing in Newcastle at SJs on Wednesday, February 28, Argenti said, is something the guys are really excited about, as it is long overdue.

The band was to coast into Newcastle in December with Mark Lizotte, of Diesel fame, but the tour was cancelled at the last minute.

Invertigo had received airplay on local commercial radio stations before this with their single Desensitized and when the cancellation was announced, Argenti was called in to apologise to the Newcastle people on NXFM.

While the two singles which have been released by Invertigo so far have been catchy, melodic pop, Argenti said the band shares backgrounds in rock, pop and electronica.

Other members James and Vince Leigh have tasted commercial success as members of 80s band Pseudo Echo, which topped the Australian charts with Funky Town. Argenti cut his teeth in pubs, busking and even doing the odd wedding when he was younger.

'A hard rocking gig with melodic pop sensibilities makes a good mix which we hope the audience will respond to,' Argenti said.

'The odd cover we throw in should help people get into the show a bit more.

'Playing live is what we're in it for.

'The brothers go crazy when they're up on stage and Jerry (Leigh) is the best drummer I have ever had the pleasure to see live or work with.'

Still at the teething stage, Argenti said the tour is what the band needs to really connect with their audiences.

Invertigo's debut album Forum is due out later this year.

Argenti said it named Forum after Vince's favourite monthly magazine and due to the contributions made by a vast array of people to produce it.

You can check out their website at www.invertigo.com.au

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