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Barker Sheds Skin for Solo Career

Barker Sheds Skin for Solo Career

Who: Nick Barker
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Saturday September 22, 2001

AUSTRALIAN singer-songwriter Nick Barker is probably best known for his work with backing band The Reptiles. Now a solo artist, Barker has been given the honour of sharing the stage with songwriting legend Tim Rogers during his solo gig at SJ's Hotel on Saturday night.

Barker began his musical career as a bass player in several Melbourne teenage angst rock bands in the 1980s.

He went on to perform with The Reptiles who became one of the hottest bands in Australia during that decade.

Once departing from the group, Barker resurfaced with a new line-up and completed a successful tour with the acclaimed Happy Man album.

Known for his true rock'n'roll style, Barker says he began writing songs to feed the rock and roll animal on stage.

Today he finds himself with a number of songs that have as much appeal as the performer himself.

A lot tamer than his rock and roll days, Nick Barker can deliver both his recent hits and songs from the past with an acoustic guitar, while still maintaining his smooth rock style.

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