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Publication Date Artist/Event Title
15/3/2006 View Sarah Lee Guthrie  Music Wasn't Quite In The Blood For Guthrie
22/2/2006 View Iota  Eclectic Artist Beefs Things Up
8/2/2006 View Local Knowledge  Music With A Message Winner
1/2/2006 View Charlie Landsborough  Persistence To See The Colour Of The Wind
18/1/2006 View Lucky Starr  Starr Has Been Everywhere, Man
11/1/2006 View Dan England  Thinking Of England
21/12/2005 View Daniel Spillane  Idol Recruit Looks To A Soulful Future
14/12/2005 View Australian Surf Movie Festival  The Big Waves Are Back
2/11/2005 View Wild Colonial Psychos  Psychos Back With Madcap Adventures
19/10/2005 View The Royal Crown Review  Rowdy Crowds Crowning Glory
12/10/2005 View Gyroscope  Gyroscope Is On The Level
12/10/2005 View Bella  Bella Have That Ring Of Confidence
12/10/2005 View   Stars Line Up For Extravaganza
21/9/2005 View Greame Conners  Change Of Direction For Connors
7/9/2005 View The Fast Girl Tour  Gyroscope Want To Get Involved
20/7/2005 View Adam Harvey  China Provides New Fan Base
20/7/2005 View Sarah Blasko  Welcome Overture For Weary Traveller
13/7/2005 View The Hard Ons  Reunited To Mark 21 Years
13/7/2005 View Stayin Alive  Magic Bee Gees Tribute
13/7/2005 View The Pictures  Pictures Back In Focus
22/6/2005 View Quaan  Rock Outfit Promises Huge Farewell
22/6/2005 View Homeland Security Tour 2005  Get Your Politics Wrapped Up In Heavy Rock
4/5/2005 View The Bondi Cigars  No Lies, It's Alt-country Blues
6/4/2005 View Jade Hurley  King Of Country Rock Returns
23/3/2005 View Model For Life  Model Quest Is Bigger Than Ever
16/3/2005 View John Williamson  True Blue Reunion Of Three Mates
2/3/2005 View Dominic Kirwan  Evergreen Kirwan Direct From Ireland
23/2/2005 View The Spazzys  Kat Up Close And Personal
16/2/2005 View Paulini  Happy To Stay In The Groove
16/2/2005 View Adam Harvey  Harvey On Road With A Legend
9/2/2005 View Darren Coggan and Felicity Urquart  An Intimate Evening In The Country
12/1/2005 View The Waifs  Album With A Sense Of History
5/1/2005 View Dakota Star  Japanese Vocalist Feels So American
3/11/2004 View Alive Festival  New Album Mishmash Of Talent
18/8/2004 View The Cat Empire  Cat Empire a Ruling Force
28/4/2004 View The Stands  The New Fab Four
21/4/2004 View Amy Vee  Amy's Work Ethic
21/4/2004 View Vitalbeats  Vitally Big Hits
21/4/2004 View Pilot to Gunner  Punk Raiding Party
14/4/2004 View Carlotta  Tribute to Film and Cabaret 'Queen'
14/4/2004 View Gary Jules  Grounded In A Mad World
7/4/2004 View Jackass  Hop On In To See The Hoods
7/4/2004 View Elvis to the Max  The Legend Lives On In Elvis To The Max
25/2/2004 View Barry Williams  Star Tells It Like It Was and Is
25/2/2004 View Meat Loaf  Main Course
18/2/2004 View Andy White  Pride in First Aussie Cut
11/2/2004 View David Strassman  Puppet People
4/2/2004 View Euphonic  Euphoric Road Ahead for Euphonic
17/12/2003 View Nutshell Breaks  Intent On Transcending The Genre
17/12/2003 View Machine Gun Fellatio  All Fired Up
26/11/2003 View Sunk Loto  Intense Sounds On The Second Break
26/11/2003 View Tommy Emmanuel  Emmanuel Boys Back Together
19/11/2003 View george  By George
5/11/2003 View 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards  Awards Bring Out The Best
5/11/2003 View Grease  Changin' Grease
22/10/2003 View Newcastle Music Week  Sound City
24/9/2003 View Gene Pitney  Classic Tunes Still Keep The Audience Cheering
24/9/2003 View Jet  Old Formula, But Well Done
24/9/2003 View Seseme Street Live  Sunny Days
17/9/2003 View The Waifs  Growing Independence
10/9/2003 View Max Merritt  Merritt in Music Made By Legends
10/9/2003 View A Day On the Green  One For The Ages
3/9/2003 View Renee Geyer  A Tender Moment With Lady of Song
3/9/2003 View The Alternative Album  Review by Jade Lazarevic
3/9/2003 View Marilyn Manson  The War Within
27/8/2003 View BABBA  Tongue in Cheek But Faithfil to Swedish Popsters
27/8/2003 View Ben Lee  Work In Progress
20/8/2003 View Lou Reed  Transformed Man
13/8/2003 View Crush  Bec Believes It's Her Time To Prove She Has The Goods
13/8/2003 View The Casanovas  Whirlwind Romance
16/7/2003 View The Music  The Music
9/7/2003 View The Sleepy Jackson  Dream Run
2/7/2003 View Something For Kate  Kate's Onto Something
2/10/2002 View The Rolling Stones  Rolling Stones Forty Licks
11/9/2002 View John Williamson  Words Come Easy For Aussie Icon
11/9/2002 View The Streets  The Street's Original Pirate Material
11/9/2002 View Rumba  Rumba-Lings Are Getting Louder
7/8/2002 View Grinspoon  Grinspoon is Rock Solid
7/8/2002 View The Hives  The Vines Highly Evolved
7/8/2002 View Daryl Cotton  A History Lesson in Australian Rock
31/7/2002 View Paul Mac  Twas a Mac Happy Crowd
31/7/2002 View 1200 Techniques  1200 Techniques - Choose One
26/6/2002 View Segression  Segression is Making a New Musical Progression
26/6/2002 View The Rhythm 'N Blues Revue  Bumper Blues Festival Debuts This Weekend
26/6/2002 View Colourblind  Colourblind rise hits second wave with its release of alternative spills
26/6/2002 View Cold Fusion  Miller's Adrenalin-fuelled Film The Next Best Thing to Being on Slopes
26/6/2002 View Dave McCormack  Indie Pop King Set to Try His Luck at Lucky Country
26/6/2002 View DJ KCB  DJ to hit launch pad at Fanny's for national promotion
19/6/2002 View P76  Brothers' Vehicle Bound to Get Crowds Moving
19/6/2002 View Girls Against Boys  Girls Against Boys are Back
19/6/2002 View Col Joye  Joye to Behold After 45 Years at Top
19/6/2002 View Renee Geyer  Renee Geyer, Queen of Soul, Back in Town
19/6/2002 View Murray Raine  Raine Ripe for Top-class Puppetry Performance
19/6/2002 View Coral Farrow-Menzies  Women Singing up a Storm
19/6/2002 View Funky Do-Da's  Funky four-piece hoping album will help provide ticket to the UK
12/6/2002 View The Mark of Cain  Old Underground Favourite Surfaces in Nine Day Tour
12/6/2002 View Foster and Allen  Timeless Tunes from Favourite Irish Duo
12/6/2002 View Ronn Moss  Television Star to Unveil His Musical Talent When 'Ridge' Hits the Road
12/6/2002 View Paul Kelly  Paul Kelly Hits Road Fresh from UK Visit
12/6/2002 View Bexta  Mercury Sure to Rise as BeXta Beats Begin
12/6/2002 View Timmy Schumacher  Rivals Decked With a Twisted Style
12/6/2002 View Bachelor of the Year Competition  Get Out the Score Cards Girls, as top Bachelors Vie for Title
22/5/2002 View Mick Hart  Life on Hold as Hart Pours Soul Into His Latest Album
22/5/2002 View Lavaland  Lavaland Primed to Let Their Diverse Show Flow at SJs
22/5/2002 View Bobby Vee  He's Still Hard at it 43 Years After Taking From one of Early Greats
22/5/2002 View Foster and Allen  Vintage Irish Melody Foster, Allen Return to Promote new CD
15/5/2002 View Slim Dusty  Love Your Work, Slim Music Never Just a Job for Country Icon
8/5/2002 View For Amusement Only  Hot Melbourne Punksters Ready to Light up Newcastle
8/5/2002 View BABBA  Mama Mia! BABBA Are Returning to Go Again
1/5/2002 View Razel  All-girl Group Ready to Rock
1/5/2002 View Daniel Arvidson  Newcastle's Favourite Songwriter on a Roll after Memorable Year
1/5/2002 View Emergency  Palais Giving Chance to new Bands
1/5/2002 View The Young Players Contemporary Music School  Music School With a Modern Appeal
24/4/2002 View Skunkfest 2002  Fans In For Skanking Good Time at City's Skunkfest
24/4/2002 View Vitalbeats  Birthday Time for City's Original Dance Party
24/4/2002 View The Brothers of Oz  Soul Mix With the Brothers of Oz
24/4/2002 View The Zips  Zips Ready to Stitch up Some of Music's Top Acts
24/4/2002 View Brendan Murphy  Variety Key to Soloist's Musical Success
24/4/2002 View The Sydney Hotshots  Hottest Bunch of Boys Back in Town
27/3/2002 View Muzzy Pep  Muzzy Pep Single Launch Also Drummer's Farewell
27/3/2002 View Oasis - Live By The Sea - Album Review  Chance For Fans to Hear Band Live
27/3/2002 View Felicity  Emerging from Shadows
27/3/2002 View Brien McVernon  Guitar Wizard Varies Musical Styles
27/3/2002 View Loonatic Fringe  It's Simple: They're Two Guys Who Love Music
20/3/2002 View The Saints  Grunter of a Set Promised at Saints Cambridge Gig
20/3/2002 View The Necessary Few  Walker to Make a Detour With a Necessary Few
20/3/2002 View Machine Gun Fellatio  Fans Prepare to Get Caught in Crossfire
20/3/2002 View Crush  Rush for the Crush and Know the Hot Hits are Covered
20/3/2002 View Carlotta  Glamour is Her Middle Name
20/3/2002 View Gene Pitney  Hall of Fame Confirms Pitney as Rock Giant
20/3/2002 View Simply Barbra  Brinberg to Bring out Barbra's Best in Witty Cabaret
13/3/2002 View The Cruel Sea  Cruel Sea Rolls in to Catch Second Wave
13/3/2002 View Munkyz Unkle  It's Fast, Fun and Energetic, It's Munkyz Unkle
13/3/2002 View Luke  Last Chance for Luke Fans to Listen Up
13/3/2002 View Nutshell Breaks  Huge Turnout on Deck for Last Nutshell Break
13/3/2002 View Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music  Gather up the Family for Some Musical Fun
13/3/2002 View Brendon Walmsley  Catch a Rising Country Star
13/3/2002 View Hans Theessink  Inaugural Tour Will Bring Blues Legend
13/3/2002 View Jade Hurley  Legend Hurley a Hard Act to Follow
6/3/2002 View Blue Line Medic  Special Tour Sets Stage for National Slot
6/3/2002 View Agent Green  Agent Green Tipped as Next Red-Hot Thing
6/3/2002 View Pre Shrunk  Pre Shrunk Plans a big Night For Fans
6/3/2002 View Carlotta  Glamorous Drag Queen to Share Her Legendary Wit
6/3/2002 View BABBA  Babba Feeds the Need For All Who Can't Forget
6/3/2002 View Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story  Holly Tribute Show Plans to Rave On
27/2/2002 View Karma County  Last Chance to Catch Karma County This Year
27/2/2002 View Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides  Floyd Vincent Mixes It Up Musically
27/2/2002 View UNIversal Student Night  Fanny's Launches Uni Night
27/2/2002 View The Teddysexuals  Popular Band Pops in to Share its Energetic and Imaginative Sound
27/2/2002 View Sue and Mikey Show  Duo Renames to Become the Sue and Mikey Show
20/2/2002 View Split Sound  Versatile Duo to rRecreate Big Sound of Rock
20/2/2002 View Vitalbeats  Vitalbeats go on for our Finest Homegrown DJs
20/2/2002 View Bill Risby  A Cool Cat for a Cool Venue
20/2/2002 View The Imperial Circus of China  Win Tickets to the Circus of China
20/2/2002 View The Horseshoe Bend Roundup  Country Music Night Features Top Talent
13/2/2002 View The Porkers  Porkers Old and New for Tour Great Night for Band and Fans
13/2/2002 View Libido  Light-hearted Rockers Burst on to Live Scene
13/2/2002 View Kate Ballantyne  Ballantyne to be Valentine for Fans as Brewery Beckons
13/2/2002 View Ancient Mariners  City Welcomes its Sons For Long-Awaited Gig
13/2/2002 View Looking Through A Glass Onion  Lennon Show Turns to Different Audiences
13/2/2002 View Annie Frances  Talented Vocalist to Stage Free Show
6/2/2002 View Ska Trek Episode 5  City to Show Off its Ska in Yet Another Gripping Episode
6/2/2002 View DJ Yoshi  Hard Times are Here with Yoshi to Put You in a Trance
6/2/2002 View Barbara Thompson  Stage Show Tribute to Cline the Country Music Legend
6/2/2002 View Greg Doolan  Wickety Wak Star Goes Solo Comedian One of Most Popular Entertainers
30/1/2002 View Carlos Hopontopofus  Lee Puts Life into Cabaret With 'Fabulous' Variety Act
30/1/2002 View Chi  Funk Masters Bid Adieu to Fans
30/1/2002 View Paul Greene  Greene Fills Regular Gig at Northern Star
30/1/2002 View Betchadupa  Sons of Famous Musicians Make Their Own Mark on the Industry
30/1/2002 View James T and The Last Volunteers  Ex-Canned Heat Artist Makes Way to Terrigal
30/1/2002 View Herbie Hancock Album Review  Timeless Herbie Hancock's Latest Jazz Offering Proves He Hasn't Lost His Cool
23/1/2002 View Supersonic  Supersonic Hit New Year Stage
23/1/2002 View Frenzal Rhomb  Another Repeat Performance of Punk History
23/1/2002 View The Good  Four-piece Set to Let The Good Times Start Rocking
23/1/2002 View Jenny Morris  Morris a Major in Australia Day Musical Celebrations
23/1/2002 View Paul Kelly  Cream of Aussie Talent to Descend on Winery
16/1/2002 View NOFX  NOFX Smaller Nearer Day
16/1/2002 View Mickyfin  Mickyfin Hot 12 Months On
16/1/2002 View Louisville Sluggers  Swinging Sluggers Spread Appeal
16/1/2002 View Bad Boys Afloat  Rippling Guys Set to Cruise
16/1/2002 View GTO Album Review  Synthesiser Sounds Permeate Album of Fuzzy Love
16/1/2002 View Sweet Mischief  Make Sweet Mischief at Belmont 16s
9/1/2002 View Mick Hart  Hart Beating on Tireless Tourer is Still at Full Pace
9/1/2002 View The Testeagles  Testeagles Awaken
9/1/2002 View Bexta  Bexta Turning up Heat
9/1/2002 View Twilight Opera  Twilight Sets Stage for Opera Feature
9/1/2002 View Amy Vee  Amy is Happy To Go It Alone
9/1/2002 View The Good  A Good Way to Spend an Evening
9/1/2002 View Killkenny  Celtic Passions Set to Ignite
12/12/2001 View Hang Seng  Fans Set to Party at Funky Gig Every Weekend
12/12/2001 View Lazy Susan  Indie stars pop into town for a playful prowl Around Suburbs
12/12/2001 View Nutshell Breaks  Kid Kenobi to Send Dancers Nuts With his Groovy Sounds
12/12/2001 View Robertson Brothers  Brothers Tune up for Sweet Show Spiced with Melody
12/12/2001 View Dual Control  Talented Duo Dual Control Win Weekly Gig at Doyalson
5/12/2001 View Pacer 21  Pals no More, Pacer 21 Out to Hit Perfect Note at SJ's
5/12/2001 View Jerk  Jerk Promises Top Cambridge Show
5/12/2001 View Stabbing Westward  Stabbing Westward on Cutting Edge of Sound
5/12/2001 View Lavaland  Lavaland Flows Onto Scene with Unique Electronic Pop
5/12/2001 View Method  Bass Player Stages Back-to-back Band Appearances
5/12/2001 View Wolverines  Wolverines to Pounce with Humour and Hard Country
28/11/2001 View James Blundell  Blundell Shows Staying Power
28/11/2001 View Hooley Dooley's  Hooley Dooleys Bring Musical Fun to Mayfield
28/11/2001 View The Feelers  Extending the Feelers Kiwi Group Primed to Blaze at Brewery
28/11/2001 View Mental As Anything  New Members But They're Still Mental
28/11/2001 View Bruce Mathiske  Mathiske Caps Giant Career Year with Gig at The Dungeon
28/11/2001 View Pornskas  Triple the Vibrations at Wickham Venue
28/11/2001 View Shutterspeed  Keep an Eye out For Shutterspeed
21/11/2001 View Muzzy Pep  Well-travelled Muzzy Pep to Launch Single at Northern Star
21/11/2001 View Superheist  Superheist Gig to end School Year on High Note
21/11/2001 View Slide09 Party  Slide Show With a Difference
21/11/2001 View Ezmerelda  Ezmerelda Full of Fused Mystery
21/11/2001 View Harry Manx  Exotic Influences Give Muso Original Flavour
21/11/2001 View The Little Maestros  Maestros Planning Encore
14/11/2001 View Machine Gun Fellatio  Beer Drinking Woman back in town toting Machine Gun
14/11/2001 View Sick Puppies  Sick Pups up from Nitocris Death Bed
14/11/2001 View Mumonkan  Melbourne Shows How it Was Unearthed to High Acclaim
14/11/2001 View The Hive  Hive Knows How to Set the Music Scene Buzzing
14/11/2001 View The Old Spice Boys  Trio Adds Spice to Festival
14/11/2001 View The Topp Twins  Kiwi Icons Earn Name for Top Entertainment
14/11/2001 View Daniel Arvidson  Funky New Single for Popular Knights Song Writer
7/11/2001 View Ska Trek  Ska Trek Prepares for Third Chapter
7/11/2001 View The Gadflys  Gadflys Return for City Show with New Single
7/11/2001 View The Stars of the Bolshoi  Bolshoi Ballet Grants Just One Performance
7/11/2001 View Lisa Kinna  New Show Combines Club, Theatre Roles
7/11/2001 View The Delltones  Delltones Survive Changing Trends
31/10/2001 View The Titanics  Titanics Cruising in to Ice Novocastrian Fans
31/10/2001 View The Royal Crown Review  Neo-swing Kings Fire up For Fanny's
31/10/2001 View The Resin Dogs  Hip and Happening Resin Dogs Hot Under the Collar for Triple Bill at SJ's
31/10/2001 View Stiff Gins  Drink up the Heady soul of Stiff Gins
31/10/2001 View Gina Jeffreys  Gina Jeffreys Steeled to Headline Big Night
24/10/2001 View Guttermouth  Guttermouth Shake off the Ants
24/10/2001 View Rory Ellis  Chance to Hear Rory's Experiences to Music
24/10/2001 View Chinchen  Chinchen Home Briefly But Ready to Continue on their Winning Way
24/10/2001 View Inner Version  Three Men and Great Harmony
17/10/2001 View The Last Chance Dance  Dance Band that Gets Real
17/10/2001 View Miss Radio  Group Airs its Talents
17/10/2001 View XPT  XPT Tour Gains Momentum
17/10/2001 View Maureen Elkner  Elkner Gives a Dusty Revival
17/10/2001 View george  George Makes Big Impact
17/10/2001 View Purplene  Purplene Gearing up for LP Release
17/10/2001 View Slim Dusty  Fair Dinkum, it's Slim Dusty
10/10/2001 View Daniel Arvidson  Song Captures the Spirit of Knights' Premiership Win
10/10/2001 View Something For Kate  Sell-out Concert Will Have That Special Something
10/10/2001 View Chain  Special Gig for one of Blues' Strongest Links
10/10/2001 View Tonchi  Songwriter to Promote Album
3/10/2001 View Greame Conners  Award-winning Connors Defies Musical Limits
3/10/2001 View Hatband  Hatband Dips lid to the Top Pop Classics
3/10/2001 View Pornskas  Musical Porn Brokers March On
3/10/2001 View One Dollar Short  No Dollar Shortage for Young Punk Fans
3/10/2001 View Brown  Duo Fuses Influences for Very Own Sound
26/9/2001 View Vicki Abercrombie and Off The Rails  Country Favourites in a New Line-up
26/9/2001 View Kevin Bloody Wilson  Kevin Primed for Some Big Belly Laughs at Belmont
26/9/2001 View The Mad Professor  Daddy of Dub Brings His Art to the Festival
26/9/2001 View Fruitcake  Mix Proves Supreme as Fruitcake Serve up Tasty Treats
26/9/2001 View Mark Dynamix  Dynamix Spins it Friday Night at Mercury
19/9/2001 View Luke  Luke Ready to Rumble with Debut Disc Release
19/9/2001 View Operation Lager and The I Love Busey Show  Prankster Punks Find a World of Difference
19/9/2001 View Simply Barbra  Simply Barbra Brings Streisand Magic to Life
19/9/2001 View Makin' Whoopee  Great Name, Great Band if You Like Jazz
19/9/2001 View Nick Barker  Barker Sheds Skin for Solo Career
12/9/2001 View Pollyanna  Pollyanna Back With Fresh Line-up to Light up the Hill
12/9/2001 View Marty Morton  Laugh away your troubles with Marty Morton and Seamus
12/9/2001 View The Radiators  Evergreen Radiators head to Hunter
12/9/2001 View The Porkers  The Porkers Play Shows to Appease Pork Lovers
5/9/2001 View Last Days of April  Last Days of April in Time for Spring
5/9/2001 View Big Heavy Stuff  Hibernation in Mountains Produces Top Song, Album
5/9/2001 View Catherine Britt  Young Country Sensation Tours The East Coast
5/9/2001 View Chocolate  Nice Sweet Sounds of Chocolate
5/9/2001 View Nicky Crayson  Jazz Star to Bring Tunes to Dungeon
29/8/2001 View Skunkhour  Boys Stay in the Groove, Simply
29/8/2001 View Regurgitator  Rocking Hip Hop for Campus Fun
29/8/2001 View West Side Story  Musical Ready to Rock City
29/8/2001 View Dirty Deeds  AC/DC Tribute Band Replays Dirty Deeds
29/8/2001 View Who Let the Wogs Out  Wow Duo vow to Deliver New Set of Offbeat Gags
29/8/2001 View Rhythm of the Dance  Tradition Meets Technical Mastery
22/8/2001 View Creeping Jesus  Creeping Jesus Hits Big Time
22/8/2001 View Primary  Primary Riding High on Album's Success
22/8/2001 View Kasey Chambers  Kasey's Career is a Runaway Hit
22/8/2001 View Newcastle Jazz Festival  Festival Filled with Fun and all That Jazz
22/8/2001 View Le Minibus  Six-piece Fills Gap With Fun, Footwork
15/8/2001 View Equinibrium  Metal Group Making big Name for Itself
15/8/2001 View Bodyjar  Bodyjar Pushes New Release on Start of Road Trip
15/8/2001 View Mental As Anything  Aussie Rock Icons Nip Back into Town
15/8/2001 View The Radiators  The Radiators Celebrate 21st
15/8/2001 View Pablo Diablo  Sizzling session of Latin sounds
8/8/2001 View Lump  Rock hard Lump Heading for Town
8/8/2001 View Groovejet  Groovy Outfit an Eclectic Mixture
8/8/2001 View Hooley Dooley's  Hooley Mania Hits Maitland
8/8/2001 View The 18th Dynasty  Headliners 'Like Opening of a New Door'
8/8/2001 View Manuhiri  Island Group Brings Popular Pacific Influence to the Stage
1/8/2001 View Quaan  Versatile Quaan to Give Cessnock Fans no Lless Than 100%
1/8/2001 View Fourth Floor Collapse  Fourth Floor Collapse Build Solid Foundation
1/8/2001 View The Shuffle Kings  Shuffle on in to Hear the Groove Kings
1/8/2001 View The Good  Victory for Good Caps Musical Feast in Castle Surrounds
1/8/2001 View Nick Skitz  Dance Music Wizard
25/7/2001 View Mettaphor  All-girl Group at Club G
25/7/2001 View Audrey Auld  Hillbillyette Has Big Respect for Country Music
25/7/2001 View Bruno Lucia  Lucia for Top Night of Laughs
25/7/2001 View Up For Grabs  The Art of Greed up for Grabs
18/7/2001 View Elephant Gun  Elephant Gun Shoots a Mix of Heavy Metal and Rock
18/7/2001 View Carl Barron  Barron Will Tour in Hunter After Taking on the Comedy World
18/7/2001 View Jon English  English Returns to Stage
18/7/2001 View Purple  Band Gets New Name, Singer
11/7/2001 View Dave Graney  Smooth Graney Train Rolls Into Town, Mellow Tracks in Tow
11/7/2001 View Frankenbok  Metal Masters find Baby Love in Studio
11/7/2001 View Richard Clapton  Australia's Clapton Still Passionate Performer
11/7/2001 View The Bomb  Bomb Set to Go off as New Dance Spot
4/7/2001 View Chinchen  Debut Album Time For Band to Relax
4/7/2001 View Mick Hart  Intimate Artist Full of Hart and Soul
4/7/2001 View Phial  Phial set to Spill Over With Metallic Grooves
4/7/2001 View Melanie Parry  Celebration of Garland Through Concert Years
4/7/2001 View Nutshell Breaks  Breaks Master Illpickl up for Jam at Nutshell Breaks
4/7/2001 View Head Poppin' Fattness  Uni the Hip venue for Caring Environment
27/6/2001 View Beatnix  Beatlemania Set for a Splash
27/6/2001 View DyMyR  Bring Cushion and a Candle
27/6/2001 View Julie Anthony  Anthony Sings Famous Songs and Plenty of Old Favourites
27/6/2001 View Vitalbeats Dance Party  Vitalbeats Pumping Out Again at Party
27/6/2001 View Adam Spencer  Spencer's Latest Track Hot on House Charts
27/6/2001 View The Shoot Out CD Library  Shoot Out Soundtracks Wanted
20/6/2001 View Brindle  Brindle Unveil New Direction in Sound
20/6/2001 View Sandpaper  Sandpaper Regroup for Annual Session
20/6/2001 View Russell Morris  Catch the Real Thing Morris
20/6/2001 View Sesame Street Live  Show Me How to Get Streets of Good Fun
20/6/2001 View Chi  Shoplifters to Pilfer Queer Kind of Cash
13/6/2001 View Lash  Classic Australian Indie That is Cool by Definition Eskimo Joe in Town for Show at Cambridge
13/6/2001 View Peabody  Peabody Brings Funk and Punk to the Lucky
13/6/2001 View Sick Puppies  PCYC Plays Host to Some Sick Puppies
6/6/2001 View Phil Emmanuel Band  Emmanuel reaches dizzying heights
30/5/2001 View Planet X  Band Out of This World
30/5/2001 View Newcastle's Most Eligible Bachelor  Bachelors Line up for Fanny's
16/5/2001 View Jade Hurley  Hurley back to rock fans
15/5/2001 View Elliot Goblet  Straight Goblet Returns for More
1/5/2001 View Percussionale Ka Boom Ba Percussion School  Exciting Course Takes a Deal of Beating
1/5/2001 View Iota  Personal Touch on Deep, Dark New Recording