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Dance Band that Gets Real

Dance Band that Gets Real

Who: On Inc
What: The Last Chance Dance
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Thursday October 18, 2001

Newcastle bred group On Inc is one of those bands. It will perform a live set during the celebrations at The Last Chance Dance tomorrow.

On Inc serves up a tasty fusion of programmed beats, live decks, ensemble playing and some of Australia's best rap. Former Newcastle boy Bruce 'Babs' Clark makes up On Inc with fellow members Scotty, his sister Gina and DJ Dave 'Jizz' Norris. The group regularly teams up with other vocalists and instrumentalists like Abi Tucker and Waikiki's Kikisun who appear on On Inc's album The Rhythm Flavour. 'I would like to get some other people, like Abi Tucker, up for the Newcastle show but it's just a case of getting them up here,' Babs said.

Babs promises the show will be entertaining and strongly believes a dance music show should be more than a DJ playing a set.

As well as adding his distinctive raps to the show, including the line 'Born in Newcastle, just like silverchair', Babs also adds flute and bongos to the mix.

Between Scotty and Babs, the pair has developed a style that crosses from dance floor to mosh pit.

'And it's funny how people's perceptions of the band are so varied,' Babs said.

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