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Newcastle University
Callahan 2308

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Articles Featuring University - Bar on the Hill

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
You Am I  This Man's no Dipstick 12/8/1998
Jebediah  Jebediah Gig Slides Back 19/8/1998
Sidewinder  Winding down 16/9/1998
Newcastle University Beach Party  Riding wild turf at Uni 30/9/1998
Bar on the Hill Gig  Grin and Bare It 14/10/1998
Superjesus  Superjesus to Return 25/11/1998
University O-Ball  Musical Custard 10/2/1999
Super Furry Animals  Welsh Band's Rare Bits 17/2/1999
Pucko's disco  Pucker Up With DJ 3/3/1999
Skunkhour  Album Preview 10/3/1999
Something For Kate  Something to Liven Up Uni Bar 24/3/1999
Something For Kate  Intense Experience 14/7/1999
Turn Up Your Radio Tour  Tourists' Showcase 18/8/1999
Jebediah  Band gives Animal Free Rein 18/8/1999
Pre Shrunk  With Heartbeat 25/8/1999
Diana ah Naid  Sophisticated, But the Barbs Remain 22/9/1999
Alex Lloyd  Aussie Muso Given Vocal Backing 23/2/2000
Ice Cream Hands  Music Fans Get Scoops of Icecream 29/3/2000
Skulker  Too Cool: 17/5/2000
Motor Ace  Motoring Along With Some Style 24/5/2000
Matt Walker  Blues Cure Matt of Metal 6/9/2000
Powderfinger  Powderfinger Find Their Niche 11/10/2000
Sunk Loto  Musicians Inspired by Fakery 18/10/2000
J. Mascis  J. Mascis Set to Lay Down Some Heavy Guitar Riffs 28/2/2001
Celibate Rifles  Celibate Rifles are Shooting up Coast 7/3/2001
Superjesus  Superjesus to Feature at Bar on the Hill 21/3/2001
The Mark of Cain  Band on the brink of brutal Mark of Cain to play with Screamfeeder 11/4/2001
Superheist  Uni Put Prized Recruits on Show 2/5/2001
You Am I  You Am I Dress up for Latest Success 16/5/2001
The Porkers  Porkers Deliver the Bacon on Their Heavyweight Tour 30/5/2001
Head Poppin' Fattness  Uni the Hip venue for Caring Environment 4/7/2001
Wicked Beat Sound System  The Beat Goes On 18/7/2001
Fourth Floor Collapse  Fourth Floor Collapse Build Solid Foundation 1/8/2001
Regurgitator  Rocking Hip Hop for Campus Fun 29/8/2001
Machine Gun Fellatio  Raunchy Lot Looking Forward to Rocking Socks off This Town 5/9/2001
Pollyanna  Pollyanna Back With Fresh Line-up to Light up the Hill 12/9/2001
The Last Chance Dance  Dance Band that Gets Real 17/10/2001
The Porkers  Porkers Old and New for Tour Great Night for Band and Fans 13/2/2002
Chinchen  Chinchen Ready to Christen Stage 20/2/2002
The Necessary Few  Walker to Make a Detour With a Necessary Few 20/3/2002
Machine Gun Fellatio  Fans Prepare to Get Caught in Crossfire 20/3/2002
Pound System  Uni to Pound to Duo's Beat 27/3/2002
Razel  All-girl Group Ready to Rock 1/5/2002
One Dollar Short  Punksters Head Triple Bill on the Hill 8/5/2002
The Mark of Cain  Old Underground Favourite Surfaces in Nine Day Tour 12/6/2002
Paul Mac  Twas a Mac Happy Crowd 31/7/2002
Grinspoon  Grinspoon is Rock Solid 7/8/2002
Speedstar  Feel the Need for Speedstar 21/8/2002
Tim Freedman  Better Than Ever 21/8/2002
Princess Superstar  Princess Superstar Is 21/8/2002
Mickyfin  Support Win for Mickeyfin 3/3/2003
Genshen  A Love For 80's Music 3/3/2003
Superjesus  The Superjesus 19/3/2003
The Hard Ons  HARDONS 19/3/2003
Big Heavy Stuff  New Album Good Stuff 24/3/2003
Cog  WHEN The Sex Pistols 26/3/2003
The Vines  The Vines 8/4/2003
The Donnas  The Donnas 7/5/2003
Ben Lee  Ben Brings an Album on Tour 16/7/2003
Pacifier (formerly Shihad)  Kiwis Return for Oz Tour 6/8/2003
The Butterfly Effect  The Butterfly Has Landed 20/8/2003
Ben Lee  Work In Progress 27/8/2003
Gerling  Punk That You Can Dance To 3/9/2003
Something For Kate  Trio Takes Album On Extended Tour 22/10/2003
1200 Techniques  Loud and Proud 18/2/2004
Sunk Loto  Loto Win Via New Sounds 18/2/2004
O' Ball  For Jupiter It's All About Expression 25/2/2004
The Casanovas  Debut Album On It's Way 25/2/2004
The Butterfly Effect  Outfit Thrives Doing It Live 3/3/2004
Equinibrium  Rockers Set Benchmark 3/3/2004
Jet  Jet Rockets To Success 10/3/2004
Frenzal Rhomb  Crude And Loving It 17/3/2004
Xavier Rudd  Solace Found In Album 7/4/2004
The Stands  The New Fab Four 28/4/2004
Cog  Cog Grinds The Truth 28/4/2004
Jet  Jet is Ready to Take Off 5/5/2004
The Cat Empire  Hit Song Follows Band Around 9/6/2004
Spiderbait  No Stopping Spiderbait 7/7/2004
Regurgitator  Band In A Plastic Bubble Will Live Inside The Square 18/8/2004
One Dollar Short  Band Back With A Vengeance 25/8/2004
Goodshirt  Goodshirt Chasing Hit In Oz 8/9/2004
Little Birdy  Little Birdy Takes Off 15/9/2004
Betchadupa  Kiwi Quartet Out To Make It 13/10/2004
Breed 77  Mediterranean Touch Gives Zing To Metal Sound 16/2/2005
78 Saab  No Crossed Wires On The Quality 23/2/2005
Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets  Joel's Poetry In Motion 2/3/2005
67 Special  Something Special In Their Sound 6/4/2005
The Casanovas  Amorous Outfit Is Hoping For Spiderbait Success 6/4/2005
Beau Young  Waves Of Change For Musical Surfer 4/5/2005
Dappled Cities Fly  Buzz Surrounds New Festival Favourites 11/5/2005
Wolfmother  Love Affair A Mother Of A Start 11/5/2005
Sarah McLeod  Raw And Honest Is A Lone Sarah 1/6/2005
Tambalane  Gillies Enjoys Lightening Up 8/6/2005
The Beautiful Girls  Surfer Boys' Beautiful Music 22/6/2005
Little Birdy  Little Birdy Set To Make Big Noises 29/6/2005
Lior  World Flavour Makes Impact 20/7/2005
MxPx  No Panic For Punk Gurus 20/7/2005
Soma Rasa  See What They Say 20/7/2005
Downsyde  Downsyde To Lend A Helping Hand 27/7/2005
The Panics  Uk Stint Grist For Songwriting Mill 3/8/2005
Paul Greene  An Honest Delivery And Connection 3/8/2005
Motion City Soundtrack  Plugging Away: Motion City Soundtrack, The Bar On The Hill, September 2. 3/8/2005
The Beautiful Girls  Music Keeps The Girls On Tour 10/8/2005
The Beautiful Girls  When Matt Mchugh Was 17/8/2005
Fast Crew  Fast Crew True To Name 14/9/2005
Steve Bourke  Bourke Ready To Channel Energy 21/9/2005
The Whitlams  Expectations After Big Break 12/10/2005
Homeland Security Tour  Cog To Wheel Out Political Messages 19/10/2005
Andy Clockwise  Ambitious Work Pays Off 1/3/2006
Richapalooza  Starky Hits Newcastle 8/3/2006
Heartbreak Club  Newly Formed Club To Debut On The Hill 15/3/2006
Sekiden  Style Popped Out Of Saturation Of Synth 22/3/2006

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