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Uni Put Prized Recruits on Show

Uni Put Prized Recruits on Show

Who: Superheist, Nokturnl Enertia
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday May 3, 2001

Supporting their debut album release, Melbourne heavy groovemeisters Superheist will hit Newcastle University's Bar On The Hill tomorrow night.

The album, The Prize Recruit is a unique yet brutal metal grind which incorporates electronica.

It features many different sounds from their previous release 8 Miles High. Their live shows have been receiving rave reviews and anyone who saw them at Sobriety V will know what the reviewers mean.

Superheist spent several years as part of the underground metal and heavy rock scene in Melbourne after singer Rod McLeod, guitarist DW Norton, drummer Sean Pentecost, bass player Drew Dedman and keyboarder Fetah Sabawi formed the band in 1994.

Writing and recording a full-length album is a new experience for the band who have released four mini-albums during the past six years.

Supporting is Nokturnl and Enertia. Check out www.superheist.com.au

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