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Mediterranean Touch Gives Zing To Metal Sound

Mediterranean Touch Gives Zing To Metal Sound

Who: Breed 77, The Butterfly Effect
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday February 17, 2005

GROWING up on the tiny Mediterranean colony of Gibraltar, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for PAUL ISOLA to follow his dream of forming a rock band.

So he had two options: move to Spain or England.

He chose the latter, basing himself in London where he became immersed in the city's vibrant music scene.

It was by chance that he teamed with four other musicians from Gibraltar who were chasing the same dream, and they formed metal outfit BREED 77. ``Everyone knew each other but not that well and we all arrived in the UK separately to try our luck with music,'' Isola said.

``It was weird because we all hooked up in London of all places!'' A hard work ethic was evident from day one and the band quickly became well known for its relentless tour schedule which took it around the UK and Europe.

It helped the band win Kerrang magazine's Best Unsigned Band of 1998 in their Reader's Poll and by 2001 Breed 77 had signed a deal with ALBERTS PRODUCTIONS to release a debut album.

Last year spelled the return of Breed 77 with the album Cultura. It marked entry into new territory for the band with the addition of flamenco-style guitars, derived from the band's Mediterranean music influences.

``We're not your average run-of-the-mill metal band,'' Isola said.

``We're hoping we bring something refreshing to the industry. The music we have grown up listening to, besides heavy rock, has always been flamenco and North African music.

``It made a lot of sense for us to include all those elements in our music.'' Isola said the five-piece band, which also includes guitarists DANNY FELICE and PEDRO CAPARROS, bassist STUART CAVILLA and drummer PETE CHICHONE, had been tied up with constant touring around the UK. One of the band's highlight performances was at the DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL at Donnington Park which boasted a stellar line-up of the world's biggest rock acts.

Breed 77 opened the main stage on the second day of the festival and, much to their surprise, attracted a larger crowd than the one at the main stage headline performance from US nu- metal act LINKIN PARK the night before.

``We had a truckload of people come to see us at like 11 o'clock in the morning so we really had to pinch ourselves,'' Isola said.

``But it was definitely a very humbling experience.'' Now Breed 77 has embarked on its first Australian tour to support Aussie band THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. It will bring the band to Newcastle University's BAR ON THE HILL tomorrow night.

Tickets are available on campus or at the door.

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