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For Jupiter It's All About Expression

For Jupiter It's All About Expression

Who: May Jupiter, 1200 Techniques, Dr Hector and the Funk Sector, Rubix Cuba, The Porkers, Mick Hart, The Torpedoes
What: O' Ball
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Friday February 27, 2004

BRINGING hip-hop culture into Australia has been tough for many of the country's up-and-coming acts.

It is even harder when you are female and trying to push yourself in an industry that tends to be dominated by males.

But one female MC who has managed to surface above her male counterparts is Sydney's MAYA JUPITER. Jupiter played before a huge crowd at HOMEBAKE last year and has worked alongside fellow Aussie hip-hoppers 1200 TECHNIQUES on their latest album Consistency Theory. Jupiter said she believed that hip- hop was all about expression and something that anyone could do .

``It's definitely very reflective of the experiences I went through and, to me, that's what hip-hop is about: expressing yourself and learning from your mistakes,'' Jupiter said.

``I'm a conscious MC and I write about things that are important to me and I have messages in my music.'' Jupiter released her debut album Today in mid 2003, saying the title was picked to represent the lyrical content of the album.

``The reason I called it Today was because a lot of the themes in the songs were about learning from the past, using it for the present, and looking towards the future.'' While Jupiter's style is a world away from the barrage of US rappers, she said that she admired overseas rappers like NAS .

``I look at it as conscious of what's happening around you a lot of people sleepwalk through life.

``Sometimes people aren't aware of what's going on in the world . th. th.

``I just want people to enjoy the album and if they can take something from it, great.'' Jupiter will perform at the UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE 's O'BALL on Friday night with 1200 Techniques, DR HECTOR AND THE FUNK SECTOR, RUBIX CUBA, THE PORKERS, MICK HART, THE TORPEDOES and more.

Pre-sale tickets are $15 for students and $25 for guests on campus from CONTACT or $25 for students and $30 for guests at the door.

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