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Tourists' Showcase

Tourists' Showcase

Who: Pre Shrunk, Motor Ace, Weta, Nitocris
What: Turn Up Your Radio Tour
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday August 26, 1999

SIX years down the track and the TURN UP YOUR RADIO tour continues to deliver its promise of the finest up-and-coming music with the push of national radio station TRIPLE J. Performing at the University of Newcastle next week will be PRE SHRUNK, fresh from the national SILVERCHAIR tour, promoting its SUB CHAKRA release.

Other bands on the tour are MOTOR ACE with its self-titled debut, New Zealand's WETA presenting its NATURAL COMPRESSION EP, and NITOCRIS with its DARK SIDE EP.Sharing the gear, the crew, the fun and the road antics, these four bands will be playing 28 shows in 34 days, including Newcastle Uni on Thursday, August 26.

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