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Twas a Mac Happy Crowd

Twas a Mac Happy Crowd

Who: Paul Mac
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Thursday July 25, 2002

LAST week's performance from PAULMAC at Newcastle University's BAR ON THE HILL truly was an experience.

The crowd warmed up to the sounds of [LOVE] TATTOO before paulmac and his crew stepped on stage.

Dubbed THE PAULMAC EXPERIENCE, the tour has been a year in the making following the release of Mac's album 3000 FEET HIGH last year.

Getting the tour together meant that Mac had to get the majority of guest vocalists from his album to go out on tour.

On stage, Mac was joined by three of the album's vocalists - ABBY DOBSON, JACQUI HUNT and PETA MORRIS. Mac kicked off the show with a cranking rendition of HEAT SEEKING PLEASURE MACHINE, unfortunately minus the live vocals of TEX PERKINS. But the set's next track made up for it when LEONARDO'S BRIDE vocalist Abby Dobson performed a haunting version of ABOVE THE CLOUDS. Her performance was easily the most amazing of the night. Dobson was on stage for two more tracks and again had the audience in the palm of her hand when she performed a heavier version of the mesmerising EVERYWHERE I GO. Fulfilling every meaning of the word 'trooper', Peta Morris stepped on stage and gave her all, even though she was battling the flu.

She pulled it off with guts and performed the hit THE SOUND OF BREAKING UP. But the song that everyone was waiting for came last, of course.

Mac's TEMPLE OF ECSTASY CHOIR joined Morris and Mac on stage to perform JUST THE THING, which sounded amazing with the full vocals.

The crowd really got into the track, clapping along with Mac and joining in to sing along to the big chorus.

Judging by the blissful smile on Mac's face, it was as enjoyable for him to perform as it was for the audience to listen.

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