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Band In A Plastic Bubble Will Live Inside The Square

Band In A Plastic Bubble Will Live Inside The Square

Who: Regurgitator
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday August 19, 2004

REGURGITATOR could never be accused of being ordinary.

Just last month, band members QUAN YEOMANS, BEN ELY and PETER KOSTIC announced plans to record Regurgitator's next album in a custom-built perspex recording studio in Melbourne's FEDERATION SQUARE. The trio will spend three weeks from the end of this month locked in the studio with virtually no time away from what has been been described as the ``bubble.'' It could be likened to Big Brother, and in some way that is what the band has strived for.

``We like the idea of having the whole experience captured,'' Yeomans said.

``It makes it unique and really special and we are hoping that it will influence our creativity and our behaviour will influence the songs as well.' ' Joining the band will be CHANNEL V host JABBA, the band's long-time producer MAGOO and engineer assistant HUGH WEBB. Everyone will sleep in bunk beds and the studio will be fitted with a series of cameras and microphones.

The experience will be aired daily on Channel V and live on the internet.

``We have written a few songs that we each like but we are hoping to maybe write some stuff that is interactive with people on the outside with microphones on the outside,'' Kostic said.

Yeomans said the idea came about when he was in London last year and witnessed a similar stunt by magician DAVID BLAINE, who suspended himself in a perspex box over the River Thames.

``It will be a typical Regurgitator mixed bag,'' Yeomans said of the album.

``But I think the songs will be strong because we are so afraid of embarrassing ourselves in front of people and we are preparing probably a little harder than we have in the past.'' Regurgitator's new single, Bong In My Eye, is out now.

Before Regurgitator enters the bubble on August 31, the band will perform at the BAR ON THE HILL tomorrow night with SPOD and CHINCHEN. Advance tickets are available on campus from CONTACT for $10 students/$15 guests or can be bought on the door for $15 students/$20 guests.

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