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Porkers Deliver the Bacon on Their Heavyweight Tour

Porkers Deliver the Bacon on Their Heavyweight Tour

Who: The Porkers, Bad Manners
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Thursday May 31, 2001

Novocastriian ska pigs The Porkers have regularly been referred to as Newcastle's own Bad Manners. You can judge for yourself tomorrow at Newcastle University's Bar On The Hill when The Porkers play with the Brittish ska gods.

The show is part of their appropriately named Heavyweight Tour of Australia. Bad Manners, formed in the late 1970s, are fronted by a big bald bloke called Douglas Trendle, but he is more often refered to as Buster Bloodvessel. Buster is reknowned for his ridiculous on-stage antics, but recently his high-energy exploits have got the better of him, according the band's official web site anyway.

The site reports that Buster has been in a health farm after an incident on their recent Italian tour.

'He did not have a heart attack, but did have a minor collapse on stage in Turin. This was due mainly to complications with his hernia,' it said.

'He has been advised that he get himself under 20 stone before an operation can be considered.

'He has been at the health farm for eight days and has already lost nearly three stone.

'He is still in some discomfort but is on the road to recovery and will be honouring all future commitments.'

The Porkers are hitting the road after a two-month hiatus to push their Time Will Tell album. Lead singles Too Big For Your Boots and Keep My Cool, have both received national airplay.

The Heavyweight Tour was also to feature top New Zealand drum and bass outfit Salmonella Dub, who intended to do a remix of a couple Porkers numbers but that sadly fell through at the last moment.

Check out www.badmanners.net and www.theporkers.com

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