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Publication Date Artist/Event Title
13/4/2005 View Mal Eastick  Blues-rock Legend Makes A Comeback
17/4/2002 View george  By George, They Finally Made it
6/6/2001 View DyMyR  Heavenly Voices Gently Screaming
6/6/2001 View Funky Do-Da's  Funky New Location
30/5/2001 View The Porkers  Porkers Deliver the Bacon on Their Heavyweight Tour
30/5/2001 View Loonatic Fringe  Mad Lads Love to Play, Have a Good time
30/5/2001 View Earthquacke Big Band  Big Band Swinging Back Into Belmont
23/5/2001 View Sick Puppies  Sick Puppies set to Lap up SJ's Energy
23/5/2001 View Carl Barron  Funny Barron's Gigs Postponed
23/5/2001 View Daniel Arvidson  There's No Place Like Home For Travel Weary Arvidson
23/5/2001 View Maynard  Maynard Sure to Shake and Stir the Lass
23/5/2001 View Those Bloody McKenna's  A Bloody McKenna Good Time
25/4/2001 View Even  Experience trio's Different High
25/4/2001 View The Meanies  Meanies Step Out of Shadows
25/4/2001 View John Williamson  Belated Trip for True Blue Favourite Son
25/4/2001 View george  Golden George to Blow Newie Away…Again
18/4/2001 View The Ataris  Ataris Get Great Support
18/4/2001 View Juice Nightclub  Juice goes totally live New format for over 18s night
18/4/2001 View Dukes Of Jive  Veteran Duo Duking it Out in Upcoming Club Performances
11/4/2001 View The Mark of Cain  Band on the brink of brutal Mark of Cain to play with Screamfeeder
11/4/2001 View The Ataris  Yankee Punks Zero in on This Lil' City
11/4/2001 View Extortion  Extortion the Top Band
11/4/2001 View Raebekah Roycroft  Pure, Powerful Roycroft Pride of the Country
4/4/2001 View Muzzy Pep  Muzzy Stars of Pop Put in a Whole Lotta Pep
4/4/2001 View Max Merritt  Legend Returns With His Rock Classics
4/4/2001 View Troy Cassar-Daley  Country is Heart and Soul of Artist's Music
4/4/2001 View Wine and Roses  Wine and Roses Now Uncorked
4/4/2001 View Mick Hart  Hart at the Northern Star
4/4/2001 View Bruce Mathiske  Mathiske Shows Musical Maturity
28/3/2001 View Jean Kitson  Big Bra-vo for Kitson in Quest for Research Funds
28/3/2001 View The Topp Twins  Topp Twins Set to Shine With Music, Laughs and Yodelling
21/3/2001 View Superjesus  Superjesus to Feature at Bar on the Hill
21/3/2001 View John Williamson  True Blue Balladeer Continues to Sing Outback's Praises
21/3/2001 View Donny Ray Evins  Evins Puts on Cole Face for West Patrons
14/3/2001 View Groove Terminator  Surfest Serving up Tidal Wave of Dance Tunes
14/3/2001 View Chris Ferguson  Irish Tenor Chris is Just Fine: Ask Gran
14/3/2001 View The Irish Drovers  Irish Drovers Headline St Patrick Day Festivities With Variety of Folk Fare
14/3/2001 View Wilson and Lightfoot  Duo a Music Institution
7/3/2001 View Celibate Rifles  Celibate Rifles are Shooting up Coast
7/3/2001 View Tamara Stewart  Country Star Provides Own Music Brand
28/2/2001 View Powderkeg  Powder Keg Powers On
21/2/2001 View Yamamoto  Yamamoto Sets Sail
21/2/2001 View Subterfuge  Subterfuge Exposed as Home-bred Hard-edge Rockers
21/2/2001 View Renee Geyer  It's Your Chance to See Renee
21/2/2001 View Adam Brand  Brand Continues to Make a Mark
1/11/2000 View Lo-Tel  New Releases