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Country Star Provides Own Music Brand

Country Star Provides Own Music Brand

Who: Tamara Stewart, Adam Brand
Where: East Cessnock Bowling Club
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Friday March 9, 2001

COUNTRY music starlet Tamara Stewart will provide ideal support for Adam Brand for his upcoming tour.

Stewart missed out on a recent Country Music Association of Australia nomination, making it into the top 10 for Female Vocalist of Year. Only the top five are nominated for these awards.

Stewart will open for Brand at the East Cessnock Bowling Club on Friday and the Hexham Bowling Club on March 31.

Stewart will perform tracks such as her debut hit single Way Too Easy and another gem Simple Things, which she has also released.

Simple Things is the second song writing effort for Stewart with her friends and co-writers Rick Price and Rod McCormack. 'This song is no doubt one of my favourites from the album,' Stewart said.

'It is one that really hits home for me.

'I've made many sacrifices over the past four years to get this whole music thing off the ground, it's easy to lose sight of what's really important.

'I'm sure this song will act as a reminder every time I sing it.'

One week before her 21st birthday, Stewart loaded up her old car and headed north.

She spent the next couple of years trying to get industry folk to hear the 50 odd songs she had written, to no avail.

Broke, frustrated and deflated, Tamara finally got a gig on the Brian Young Show Tour in 1997 and spent more than three months touring Australia, including outback Aboriginal communities.

'It's a rugged tour and all luxuries are stripped from you in most of the communities,' she said.

She did a lot of thinking during that time, and while many have quit the industry after such a challenge, Tamara bounced back more determined than ever.

On her return, Tamara moved to the Central Coast and continued to write prolifically.

However, without much money to her name and getting frustrated again, she contacted producer and guitarist Rod McCormack about getting some demos recorded.

'I was tired of being broke, tired of wishing on a star that I could barely even see,' she said.

'I was intending to sell my car to do the demos and then try to get a record deal.'

After working closely with McCormack and Price, Stewart's debut album The Way The World Is was released last month.

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