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Yamamoto Sets Sail

Yamamoto Sets Sail

Who: Yamamoto
Author: Michael Gadd

Often described as a keyboard-driven band, front man of Melbourne-based pop group Yamamoto, Stephen Bricknell aka, Dynamo, says it is simply a rock band that uses keyboards to its advantage.

Yamamoto, riding high on the success of its latest single, Athletico, will play in Newcastle for the first time at the Star Hotel on Thursday night.

The band recently released its second EP, Research, which was produced by Kalju Tonuma who also produced albums and EPs for The Mavis's, 28 Days, Bodyjar and Superheist.

The album combines fast harmonic power pop songs with some experimental rock efforts that usually feature a catchy chorus and driving beat.

Its next single of the EP will be Step Back. The band has just completed production of a video clip for single, ready to go to air on MTV, Rage and Channel Vs slot.

Yamamoto plans to tour Europe throughout mid-2001 and has been invited to play with Stereo Lab.

'We want to start touring on a regular basis as we haven't toured before and need to prove ourselves outside Melbourne,' Bricknell said.

'There are a lot of good bands in Melbourne who are virtually unknown outside Melbourne, we don't want to fall into that vein.'

One band member, Peter Cook, who was brought up on a cattle farm in the Hunter Valley and started his musical career with hard-rock outfit Subterfuge.

But where he played drums for Subterfuge he now plays the organs and synthesisers for Yamamoto.

The Malaysian born Dynamo heads up the band on lead vocals and guitar.

He was given the nickname Dynamo due to his bizarre fascination with eastern European soccer clubs.

Ross Bergmen plays guitar and vocals, while Stuart Naughten is also vocalist and plays organs and synthesisers.

Steven Willis rounds off the line-up on the drums.

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