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Meanies Step Out of Shadows

Meanies Step Out of Shadows

Who: The Meanies, Front End Loader, ChinChen
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Wednesday April 25, 2001

One of Australia's pre-eminent underground rock bands, The Meanies, will perform at SJ's Hotel tonight.

The Meanies can boast they have played with such rock and grunge greats as Nirvana, The Beastie Boys, The Hard Ons and Pearl Jam, who they toured with on their 1994 Australian tour after meeting in Seattle while they were recording their second album, 10% Weird. This support slot was much to the dismay of Pearl Jam's promoter at the time who was reported to have said, 'Who the ?!@# are The Meanies?', when they were requested by Eddie Vedder. This album led to the singles release of Ton Of Bricks and the title track, 10% Weird and set the band up to tour solidly for the next 18 months.

Throughout 1997 and 1998 members of The Meanies found some side projects, the most notable being bass player Wally Kempton who went to play with the now popular Even. (see around the clubs)

Other Meanies members enjoyed success with bands such as Tomorrow People, Skivvy and Seaweed Gorillas. They rejoined after an invitation from, The's to tour with them in 1998. Tonight they will be supported by Front End Loader and ChinChen.

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