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New Releases

New Releases

Who: Lo-Tel, Nine Days, Strawpeople
Author: Michael Gadd

Lo-Tel - Planet of the Stereos


Lo-Tel have backed up the resounding success of their single, 'Teenager of the Year', with this well-balanced debut album. From a humble birth in a Dublin backpackers, the Lo-Tel dream has manifested into a genuine success story. To date the only strings to their bow have been an ARIA nomination for best new talent and the lead track on hit Australian film, 'Looking for Alibrandi', and while this album may not meet with huge commercial success in a highly competitive category it has certainly harnessed the group's pop rock talent. Look out for Newcastle-boy Darren Brollo on drums.

Nine Days - The Madding Crowd


Nine Days, a five-piece rock combo from Long Island, New York's debut single (Absolutely, Story of Girl) is one of the most catchy tunes you will ever hear, and as this storms up the ARIA charts, here is their debut album. John Hampson and Brian Desveaux, both on guitars and vocals, write with genuine sincerity and perform in front of a solid rhythm section and anything with keys. The album has been produced by Nick DiDia of Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine fame. Ignore the pop-rock stereotypes, this is a tight, cohesive album which everyone can relate to.

Strawpeople - No New Messages


No New Messages has nothing new for fans of electronica. Huge across the Tasman, this New Zealand creation hasn't received nearly the same support in Australia. Although this is the sixth Strawpeople album, it is only the fourth to be released in Australia. Producer Paul Casserly has created a collection of slinky digital beats, softened by real drums and live string arrangements. Casserly has called upon various vocalists, unlike their previous album, 'Vicarious', where the single vocal talents of Fiona McDonald were used. Bic Runga features on the opening track with an unusual cover of 1980s hit 'Drive'. Music you could easily drift away to.

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