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A Love For 80's Music

A Love For 80's Music

Who: Genshen
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Wednesday March 12, 2003

A LOVE for 80s music was the backbone for the creation of Brisbane band Genshen. The four piece, which is enjoying Triple J airplay with the track Nothing Quite Like This, was founded in 1997 by Gillian Bright and Quentin Brown. With Brown's love of underground acts like The Smiths and Bright's love of pop, the pairing has lead to a sound which they describe as `quirky, simplistic pop.' ``Gillian and I started out performing acoustic stuff around Brisbane and she always had her little Casio keyboard with her,'' Brown said. ``So I think our music was always going to go in an electric direction.'' With the addition of drums and bass, Genshen was born. The band released its debut single in 2001, but tasted real success on November 2002 with the release of the five track EP Someplace Else. The EP spawned Triple J favourites Nothing Quite Like This and Don't Believe. ``It's fantastic that people across the country have taken to our sound and our songs.'' ``Brisbane audiences have had the opportunity to see our show for a couple of years now but, it's the JJJ exposure that has given us audiences across the country, and we need to get out there and play to them.'' The band has stuck to its words and is one the road for Triple J with fellow radio favourite Genevieve Maynard. Genshen will perform a lunchtime gig at Newcastle University on March 12. Brown said the band plans to release its debut album by October.

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