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Grinspoon is Rock Solid

Grinspoon is Rock Solid

Who: Grinspoon, Chinchen, Front End Loader
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
Author: Jade Lazarevic

A WEEK before GRINSPOON was due to perform at NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY'S BAR ON THE HILL, tickets to the show sold out.

Novocastrian fans snapped them up like hotcakes and organisers were forced to move the show to the larger-capacity BRENNAN ROOM. This proved to be a smart move, too, because the room was literally packed.

Already feeling the energy of local boys Chinchen and of second support act FRONT END LOADER, the crowd was literally begging to get a taste of Grinspoon.

After Front End Loader left the stage, the crowd erupted into continuous chants of 'Grinsp-oooon, Grinsp-oooon'.

After a good 10 minutes of restless chanting, the Lismore four-piece came on stage and got straight down to business.

Opening with the heavy riff from their latest single LOST CONTROL, approving screams filled the room and the crowd happily sang along with the band pretty much word for word.

The band seemed to be stoked with the turnout and frontman PHIL JAMIESON fed off the crowd like a true rock star, giving 110%.

Both old fans of the band and new ones were guaranteed a good night, with the band performing several tracks from the new album and earlier favourites like the pumping READY 1. Midway through the performance, Grinspoon performed their big hit CHEMICAL HEART from the new album NEW DETENTION. The performance was flawless.

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