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With Heartbeat

With Heartbeat

Who: Pre Shrunk
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday August 26, 1999

Preshrunk fits music WHERE should we list this story about PRE SHRUNK's latest five-track CD SUB CHAKRA? After listening to this 30-minute disc, with tracks running at between 3.14 minutes and 10.41 minutes in duration, we're going with rock, even though this all-instrumental sojourn takes us through trance dance, edgy power groove and what the band describes as 'the sub-sonic heartbeat'.

One things for sure. You can definitely dance to it.

It's got a bottom end that will kick your butt from one side of the dance floor and back again, and it should too! With two bass guitars, that have to be heard to be believed, and drums, this band rocks.

Catch Pre-Shrunk tomorrow night at the University of Newcastle with NITOCRIS, WETA and MOTORACE, as part of the TURN UP YOUR RADIO tour.

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