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Feel the Need for Speedstar

Feel the Need for Speedstar

Who: Speedstar, Motorace, Lavaland
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday August 29, 2002

BRISBANE band SPEEDSTAR will return to Newcastle when it performs with MOTORACE and LAVALAND at the BAR ON THE HILL on August 29.

The band will perform tracks from its critically acclaimed debut album BRUISES YOU CAN SEE, including its latest single SONG FOR YOU and debut single REVOLUTION. Speedstar began playing together about seven years ago during high school.

In its earlier incarnation, the band consisted of ALISTER BELL on vocals, LUKE SULLIVAN on bass and BEN SMITH and DAVE LOVE on guitars.

'We were bumping in to things and doing really bad cover songs,' Bell said.

Later, drummer RICHARD JOHNSTON joined and the band's style changed from thrash to tuneful, creative sounds and slow-mo grooves.

'We've got all kinds of influences but they don't seem to come out directly.'

'The sound has become much more sparse and Ben's switched to acoustic guitar and won't let it go any more.'

Tickets to Speedstar at Newcastle University are available from CONTACT.

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