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Princess Superstar Is

Princess Superstar Is

Who: Princess Superstar, 1200 Techniques
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday September 5, 2002

Shock SEXY, sassy and sometimes downright rude, New York's Princess Superstar may come as a shock to many listeners.

If first impressions are anything to go by, Princess Superstar could appear to be the latest blonde poppette to jump on the bubblegum bandwagon.

But after a listen to her new album Princess Superstar Is, you'll realise that she's a crafty hip-hop artist with a talent for tongue twisting. As a white rapper, comparisons to Eminem are inevitable.

Like Eminem, she too has quite a mouth on her, although not in the gruesome style of Slim Shady.

She has journeyed back to the roots of hip hop and her album is laden with old-school beats, with a little help from the legendary '80s rapper Kool Keith.

The album's first single is a fun piece of work about a Bad Babysitter who would be every mother's worst nightmare.

Featuring a cute hook and catchy chorus, the track is a far cry from the rest of the album.

Raunch seems to be on the top of her agenda and tracks such as I Love You (Or At Least I Like You) and Wet Wet Wet are smothered with the Princess' saucy vocals.

The album also showcases her vocal talents as a rapper on tracks such as Welcome To My World, You Get Mad At Napster, Who Writes Your Lyrics and Trouble.

Her beats are minimal and her stylings borrow highly from the old school. This Princess is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Look out for her in Newcastle when she performs with 1200 Techniques at the Bar On The Hill on September 5.

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