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Starky Hits Newcastle

Starky Hits Newcastle

Who: Starky
What: Richapalooza
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Friday March 10, 2006

SYDNEY band Starky jumped at the chance to work with British producer Dave Eringa on its second album.

It not only gave the band the chance to work alongside the talented producer but also to record in a sprawling Wales mansion where its rooms were turned into makeshift studios.

It was a stark contrast to the band's experience recording its first album which was done in just nine days.

``Dave was really into the music and had some good ideas, and we just really liked the idea of recording in a different environment,'' bass player Nick Neal said.

``I guess if you ask any band, they'd be pretty keen to use any excuse to get out and work with different people that we wouldn't be able to use here.'' It has been two years since Starky released its debut album, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre. There have been a couple of line-up changes with the addition of former Gelbison guitarist Peter Farley and Johnny Wilson who plays keyboard.

Starky's extended line-up reflects the band's changing sound.

``I think this album is a more mature effort. The last one was pretty happy- go-lucky guitar pop whereas this one is a little more creative with writing styles, production and using different instruments.'' Starky plan to tour Australia, the UK and the US after the album is released in May.

Catch the band performing at Richapalooza at the Bar On the Hill on Friday night.

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