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J. Mascis Set to Lay Down Some Heavy Guitar Riffs

J. Mascis Set to Lay Down Some Heavy Guitar Riffs

Who: J. Mascis
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday March 1, 2001

One of the best and most underrated guitarists in rock, J. Mascis is expected to blow the roof off Newcastle University's Bar on the Hill on Thursday.

The former front man of indie-rock act Dinosaur Junior, who the Los Angeles Times said, 'shone like a bedazzled metal god as he alternatively seduced and attacked his guitars', has continued his awe-inspiring form since going solo.

Mascis is most notable for his creative use of feedback and squall with classic rock riffs and staccato solos.

The uniquely eccentric Mascis will come through Newcastle as part of a summer tour which began on February 23.

With him will be The Fog, made up by former Firehose and Minutemen bass player, Mike Watt and George Berz, the drummer from Dinosaur Junior.

If you like what you see on Thursday, keep an eye out for J. Mascis and The Fog's video for their single, Where'd You Go, which should start appearing on television later this month.

TE has two double passes for readers to J. Mascis and The Fog at the Bar on the Hill.

To go in the draw, log onto www.nnp.com.au and follow the links to TE or mail an envelope with your name, address and telephone number on the back to J. MASCIS AND THE FOG GIVEAWAY, PO Box 615, Newcastle, 2300.

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