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Bourke Ready To Channel Energy

Bourke Ready To Channel Energy

Who: Steve Bourke, End of Fashion, Neon, Elemeno P , Cotton Sidewalk
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday September 22, 2005

LESS than two weeks after winning Channel V's Fresh Meat contest, Newcastle lad Steve Bourke is already on the road as a roving reporter with Perth band End of Fashion. From there he will head to Japan where he will interview an international band.

It has all happened quite fast and the 22-year-old is still trying to get his head around the idea.

``It's crazy. I still can't believe I won. But I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to get stuck into it,'' Bourke said.

Prior to scoring a role as a Channel V reporter, Bourke was studying a bachelor of arts/social science degree at the University of Newcastle and working as a kitchen hand at a Belmont restaurant.

While Bourke probably won't complete his studies this semester he said he hoped to finish through correspondence eventually.

But whether or not the new job will allow that is another story.

Bourke is currently on the road with End of Fashion and will head home to Newcastle with the group tomorrow night to join them when they perform at the Bar on the Hill. His role on tour will include presenting End of Fashion live on stage, giving live updates on Channel [V]s What U Want program, writing a daily email blog diary and meeting fans on tour.

Bourke will also play impromptu sessions with End of Fashion having performed as a vocalist, guitarist and drummer in his own band, The Death Stares, back in Newcastle.

Joining the Channel V team was a dream come true for the avid music fan after a gruelling three- month search for a presenter.

Bourke was picked from more than 2000 people who auditioned.

``I did an audition in Newcastle and it went OK so Channel [V] came to my house while I was having a bath and told me to come to Sydney, so I did,'' Bourke said.

``And now I'm doing heaps of crazy TV stuff and my head keeps exploding and my brains are going everywhere.'' Supporting End of Fashion tomorrow night is Neon, Elemeno P and Cotton Sidewalk. Tickets will be available at the door.

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