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You Am I Dress up for Latest Success

You Am I Dress up for Latest Success

Who: You Am I
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday May 17, 2001

Apparently, Dress Me Slowly, is 'more of a You Am I album' for Australia's greatest exponents of classic guitar rock.

At least that's what bass player Andy Kent said of their recently released fifth album.

'This album seems naturally fresh,' he said. 'This is much more of a You Am I album.'

What were the other four triumphs then?

'I don't think Dress Me Slowly derives any direct influence from other music, like our others may have. There are no obvious references to any other peoples records,' he said.

The album is great and it is reflected in the charts; a place where You Am I have become accustomed to live.

At the time of writing, Dress Me Slowly sat happily at No.1 on the alternative album charts and three on the national album charts, only behind Dido's, No Angel and Michael Crawford's Disney thing.

On their Reverence and Disregard Tour they will perform at Newcastle University's Bar On The Hill on Thursday.

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