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The Music

The Music

Who: The Music
Author: Jade Lazarevic

AFTER just one year,  THE MUSIC already had plenty to live up to.

Critics tagged the young four-piece as the ``best unsigned band in Britain'' and ``potentially the most important group since  OASIS .

'' Expectations were fulfilled with the release of the band's debut self-titled album.

The Music has crossed the generation gap by taking the best bits of  LED ZEPPELIN  and  THE STONE ROSES and making it the sound of The Music.

The album opens to a strong start with ifThe Dance, a swirling sea of guitars and psychedelic rock that is stamped with frontman  ROBERT HARVEY unmistakable howl.

Funked up drums add a touch of The Stone Roses and Harvey's vocals are reminiscent of a modern day  ROBERT PLANT .

Expect plenty more electrifying moments as the album maintains a constant energy with the help of plenty of ringing guitars.

The band slows down the pace on few tracks like ifHuman and ifTurn Out The Light , but even then the band is still shining bright.

It's youth and a whole lot of soul that makes this debut stand out.

ntsDfrom the rest.

nteThe band is sure to attract a big crowd when it performs at Byron Bay's SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS  festival on Saturday.

Fans should check out the tour edition of the album with four tracks recorded live at  THE BLANK CANVAS in Leeds.

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