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George Makes Big Impact

Who: george
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Sunday October 21, 2001

GEORGE is arguably the hottest band to come out of Brisbane since Powderfinger. The four-piece group has had a lot of success with the single Special Ones and the follow up Run is expected to have much the same impact.

George will perform the new track and material from their past EP's during a show at SJ's Hotel on Sunday night.

Their long-awaited album will be in stores by March but for now fans will just have to look forward to the album and remaining live shows.

Sunday night's show will mark the end of the current tour and guitarist Nick Stewart said the group will work on side projects until the release of the album.

The rest of the group will remain in Australia while vocalist Katie Noonan embarks on a five-month world tour singing in an Indonesian puppetry show.

'We all have our own projects but George is always the first priority,' Stewart said.

He said the album was almost ready to go and will feature the singles Run and Special Ones as well as re-workings of Bastard Son and Holiday. 'We just added some bits to those songs and I think only the hardcore George fans will notice the changes,' Nick said.

Run has just made its way onto radio but it was written several years ago by George songwriter Tyrone Noonan.

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