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Girls Against Boys are Back

Who: Girls Against Boys, Magic Dirt
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Saturday June 29, 2002

SEARCH the vaults of the Girls Against Boys back catalogue and you'll discover a feast of unreleased material written during the band's four-year hiatus.

The New York-based four piece is back on track since splitting from its label Geffen Records after a four-year struggle.

Celebrating its 12th year together, the band has returned with its seventh album You Can't Fight What You Can't See. The lengthy gap between the release of the new album and the band's 1998 album Freak On Ice was the longest to date.

The band continued to write new material during the four-year gap and ended up with a lot more than necessary.

'These are songs from that entire period because part of the deal we had getting off the label was that we got to keep our songs, so some of these are quite old,' bassist Eli Janney said.

'This was the first time we really had so much time to write, so we ended up with about 30 songs of which we chose our favourite 11 for the album.'

The band wrapped things up quickly in recording and put together an abrasive album.

Janney said the band wanted to return to its roots and with the help of producer Ted Nicely, the band succeeded.

'Part of going back to our stripped-down sound was that we wanted to work with Ted again and we knew that he would do a great job with the songs we had chosen,' he said.

Girls Against Boys will perform at SJ's Hotel on June 29 with Magic Dirt during its first tour of Australia.

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