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Titanics Cruising in to Ice Novocastrian Fans

Titanics Cruising in to Ice Novocastrian Fans

Who: The Titanics
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Thursday November 8, 2001

SPORTING one of the most recognisable line-ups in the Australian music scene, The Titanics is also one of the busiest bands in the industry.

Made up of former Custard frontman Dave McCormick, author and column writer Emma Tom and film-maker Tina Havelock-Stevens, the group formed late in 1999.

In that time it has released three albums and bid farewell to fourth member Glenn Thompson, who was the former drummer for Custard.

The Safety Jump, Size Isn't Everything and the popular Love Is The Devil are perfect examples of The Titanics' breezy brand of pop and dark lyrical undertones that have made it so popular.

The Titanics will perform at SJ's Hotel on November 8 with Supersonic and Silo from 8.30pm.

While not with The Titanics, McCormick has been working on the soundtrack for the forthcoming film Garage Days and electronic music called The Matterhorn. Tom is known for her controversial column in The Weekend Australian and as a novelist she received Best First Novel in the Commonwealth Writers Prize. Tom also fronts All Girl Band. Tickets to the show are $8.

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