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Lennon Show Turns to Different Audiences

Lennon Show Turns to Different Audiences

What: Looking Through A Glass Onion
Where: Newcastle Panthers
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Friday February 22, 2002

LOOKING Through A Glass Onion: John Lennon In Words and Music will return to Newcastle for its fourth season next week.

The popular production has been staged at Civic Theatre in the past but will be held at ClubNova Newcastle this time for a one-off show.

The show has been taken on the road to work its way through clubs in Sydney and smaller country towns.

John Waters is the star of the show and hopes the new tour will expose it to a wider audience.

'It's certainly true that when we play these types of venues we tend to get people who wouldn't come to the show in another venue,' Waters said.

'The main bulk of our tour is going to be country towns, so we're bringing the show to a new audience everywhere we go, which is good.'

Looking Through A Glass Onion will be held at ClubNova Newcastle on February 22 at 8pm.

Waters said the show had become 'nearly perfect' after touring for three seasons in Australia and the UK.

'In its first run 1993 and 1994, we were developing it and changing it quite constantly but we feel that where we have refined it to now is perfect.'

'Nothing's ever entirely perfect, but it's 99% perfect.'

The show looks at Lennon's life through music and monologue and is something that appeals to both young and old fans.

'It's the material, it's classic music and John Lennon is a fascinating character so people are always going to be interested.

'Whether they were of the generation who lived through that time of whether they are much younger, it's got an across the board appeal really.'

Tickets to the show are available from the club.

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