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Cnr Union & King Street
Newcastle West 2302

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Articles Featuring Newcastle Panthers

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Gerry and the Pacemakers  Liverpool's Other Greatest Export 27/5/1998
The Angels  Rock Down to Skin and Bone 8/7/1998
The Angels  Angels Keen on Tatts Tour 29/7/1998
The Cruel Sea  Sea Rolls Into Town 29/7/1998
Rose Tattoo  Thorny Bunch of Roses 29/7/1998
Snout  Snout, With a Sniff of Cruel Sea 26/8/1998
Russell Gilbert  Comedy Giveaway 26/8/1998
The Cruel Sea  Perkins Content to Go With the Flow of the Cruel Sea 26/8/1998
Mental As Anything  Join Mentals Party 9/9/1998
Manpower Australia  Sensational Return of Beefcake Boys 16/9/1998
Powderfinger  Powderfinger a Hit 7/10/1998
Swervedriver  Getting Revved Up 14/10/1998
Jimi Hendrix - The Wizards of OZ  Horne Falls Under Spell of Voodoo 18/11/1998
Dank  Newcastle Workers Turns on Six of Best Originals 18/11/1998
Utopian Babies  Babies Have a Hit on the Way 25/11/1998
Crank 98  Young Bands Cranking it Up 25/11/1998
Shake Down  Shake Down to Many Different Beats 25/11/1998
Powderfinger  Hard to Point Finger 2/12/1998
Spiced Girls  Local Touch in Spice 23/12/1998
UB40  UB40 Tickets Now on Sale 23/12/1998
The Irish Drovers  Drovers Drive Crowds to Tears 3/3/1999
Gerry Hatch  Making an Impression 24/3/1999
Rodney Rude  A Rude Awakening Punters' Favourite 7/4/1999
Surfrider Foundation Concert  Two stages and all ages 7/4/1999
Gene Pitney  Pitney to Perform 14/4/1999
Noiseworks  Working on Noise 21/4/1999
Sabrosan  An Afro-Cuban Vibe 5/5/1999
Spanish Dancing Horses  Trick to Spanish Horses 26/5/1999
Qwake  Qwake Your Bootie 2/6/1999
Noiseworks  Reach out and touch . . . 9/6/1999
DV8  Sound of DV8 on Way Back 16/6/1999
Shawn Mullins  Mullins for Workers 21/7/1999
Gerling  Gerling Gearing Up 25/8/1999
Pattie Amphlett  Tickling Little Pattie 1/9/1999
The Angels  OZ Rock: Loud and Proud 15/9/1999
Sixties Mania  Return of the Sixties 13/10/1999
International Wrestling Australia  Vulcan to Turn Up Heat on Wrestling 20/10/1999
The Cruel Sea  Best Produced in Adventurous Decade 27/10/1999
Fuel  Fuelling the Hype 10/11/1999
ABBA Thank You For the Music  Abbasolutely Fabulous 17/11/1999
Lee Kernaghan  The Life of Lee 24/11/1999
Deadstar  Leading Lights Ignite Deadstar 22/12/1999
Barney and the Dinosaur  Barney in Town with New Friends 12/1/2000
Loki  All-Age Rage With Mind-Blowing Loki 19/1/2000
Vanessa Amorosi  Have a Geek at Amorosi's Top Style 26/1/2000
Talk Of The Town Duo  Talk Of The Town up for big award 2/2/2000
Sobriety 4  The makings of a killing 16/2/2000
Sobriety 4  Hard Rock 23/2/2000
The Church  Prayers Answered 8/3/2000
Pennywise  Pennywise Down Under 26/4/2000
The Boys are Back in Town Tour  The boys are Back!!! 31/5/2000
Spy Vs Spy  Spys' Sort-of Rebirth in Brazil 7/6/2000
The Wizard of OZ Show  Dorothy is Back 28/6/2000
The Bachelors  Bachelor Party Coming to Workers 12/7/2000
The Bachelors  Single-minded Bachelors in Need of Love 2/8/2000
Oscarlima  Oscarlima Strike Oil with Desert Caravan 9/8/2000
Slim Dusty  Slim Fans Look Forward to Two Performances 16/8/2000
Festiva Latino  Dip into Salsa this Saturday 16/8/2000
Anuj  Anuj a Heady Mix of East and West 23/8/2000
James Reyne  Reyne Ready to Start Crawl into Newcastle Territory 6/9/2000
Carlotta  Carlotta Promises a Night to Remember 6/9/2000
Robertson Brothers  Singing Soapie Brothers Return 20/9/2000
Col Joye  Show a Joye to Behold 20/9/2000
Keith Urban  Love and Fidelity Get Urban flavour 27/9/2000
Bjorn Again  Bjorn Again is Back Again 4/10/2000
DV8  DV8 Back to Hoist Jolly Roger 11/10/2000
Bjorn Again  How Swede it is for ABBA Tribute Group 18/10/2000
Pennywise  Pennywise Drops In 18/10/2000
Melinda Schneider  Country Fills her Heart 25/10/2000
The Models  Models of Consistency Resurface for New Era 25/10/2000
Single and Sexy Ball  Pursuing Partners 8/11/2000
Frenzal Rhomb  League of Their Own 22/11/2000
Wheatus  Rockers Wheatus Holding Their Title 6/12/2000
Three27  Trust in me, me and me 6/12/2000
Wayne Horsburgh  Country Singer Returns 13/12/2000
Wheatus  Angst Strikes Chord for Wheatus 20/12/2000
1927  Band Not Prepared to Just Take a Number 31/1/2001
Jean Kitson  Big Bra-vo for Kitson in Quest for Research Funds 28/3/2001
Pretty Violet Stain  Pretty Violet Stain Making Their Mark 18/4/2001
Even  Experience trio's Different High 25/4/2001
John Williamson  Belated Trip for True Blue Favourite Son 25/4/2001
Midnight Oil  The good Oil Youngsters Relishing Big Break 9/5/2001
The Screaming Jets  The Jets Prepare for Final Outing 30/5/2001
Beauty and the Beast  Young Stars Find Beauty in Classic Fairytale 13/6/2001
Julie Anthony  Anthony Sings Famous Songs and Plenty of Old Favourites 27/6/2001
The Shoot Out  Shoot Out hits Club Nova Auditorium 11/7/2001
Australasian Wrestling Foundation Pro-Wrestling Novaslam  Wrestling Monoliths Fired up to Rumble 1/8/2001
Newcastle Jazz Festival  Festival Filled with Fun and all That Jazz 22/8/2001
West Side Story  Musical Ready to Rock City 29/8/2001
Something For Kate  Sell-out Concert Will Have That Special Something 10/10/2001
Sexy Singles and Couples Ball  Love is in the Air With Arrival of Singles Ball 10/10/2001
Ultimate Tribute to Roy Orbison  Impersonation of Roy Orbison Began Simply 24/10/2001
The Elton Jack Show  Elton Show Will Have you Rockin' Around the Croc 31/10/2001
Robertson Brothers  Brothers Tune up for Sweet Show Spiced with Melody 12/12/2001
Looking Through A Glass Onion  Still Waters Will Run Deep in John Lennon Tribute 23/1/2002
Looking Through A Glass Onion  Lennon Show Turns to Different Audiences 13/2/2002
Pre Shrunk  Pre Shrunk Plans a big Night For Fans 6/3/2002
Carlotta  Glamorous Drag Queen to Share Her Legendary Wit 6/3/2002
The Cruel Sea  Cruel Sea Rolls in to Catch Second Wave 13/3/2002
Carlotta  Glamour is Her Middle Name 20/3/2002
Gene Pitney  Hall of Fame Confirms Pitney as Rock Giant 20/3/2002
Simply Barbra  Brinberg to Bring out Barbra's Best in Witty Cabaret 20/3/2002
george  By George, They Finally Made it 17/4/2002
May Day Latin Dance Party  Hot Night for Students of Latin Dance 8/5/2002
Grimethorpe Colliery Band  World Class Brass Band 15/5/2002
The Sydney Hotshots  Dance Troupe Flexing Muscles 15/5/2002
Foster and Allen  Vintage Irish Melody Foster, Allen Return to Promote new CD 22/5/2002
Foster and Allen  Timeless Tunes from Favourite Irish Duo 12/6/2002
Ronn Moss  Television Star to Unveil His Musical Talent When 'Ridge' Hits the Road 12/6/2002
Col Joye  Joye to Behold After 45 Years at Top 19/6/2002
Cold Fusion  Miller's Adrenalin-fuelled Film The Next Best Thing to Being on Slopes 26/6/2002
Robertson Brothers  Brothers a Success at Home and Away 31/7/2002
James Morrison  City in for a Treat as Top Brass Visits 7/8/2002
15th Annual Newcastle Jazz Festival  Every Reason to Jazz It Up This Weekend 21/8/2002
Sum 41  The Sum of Punk Metal Plus Hip Hop 25/9/2002
Crush  Right at Home Amongst the Foam 2/10/2002
Machine Gun Fellatio  Strange Acts in the Night 2/10/2002
Midnight Oil  Still Standing On Solid Rock 9/10/2002
Billy Thorpe  Billy's Still Around 6/11/2002
Inspiration  ExtraSpecial All Age Gig 6/11/2002
Status Quo  Rockin' All Over the World 3/3/2003
Surfest  EnergyAustralia Surfest 19/3/2003
2003 Quiksilver Australian Surf Movie Festival  Quicksilver Crossings 19/3/2003
Glycerine Queen - The Australian Suzi Q Show  Suzi Q, Glycerine Queen 24/3/2003
Don Williams  Country Hits Just Keep Rolling On 24/3/2003
Pete Murray  Tunes That Strike a Chord With Fans 24/3/2003
Sobriety 6  The Butterfly Effect 26/3/2003
Crush  Crush 8/4/2003
Violent Femmes  Violent Femmes 7/5/2003
Something For Kate  Kate's Onto Something 2/7/2003
Death Cab for Cutie  Death Cab for Cutie 9/7/2003
The Shootout  Shootout a Test of Skills 9/7/2003
Aussie Storm  Aussie Storm 16/7/2003
Crush  Bec Believes It's Her Time To Prove She Has The Goods 13/8/2003
Gene Pitney  Classic Tunes Still Keep The Audience Cheering 24/9/2003
Gene Pitney  Pitney Still A High Note 15/10/2003
george  They're Back On Tour, By George 15/10/2003
Gyroscope  Punk Rockers Hit The East 5/11/2003
Brian Cadd  Cadd Is The Real Thing 12/11/2003
Kisstroyer  Kiss From The Heart 12/11/2003
george  By George 19/11/2003
Quicksilver Australian Surf Movie Tour - Take 2  Festival of Film Brings Worldly Waves to Shore 19/11/2003
Missy Higgins  Little Missy Can't Be Wrong 19/11/2003
Jabba  Freak Sought For Naughty Nights 26/11/2003
Reel Big Fish  Ska For Life 7/1/2004
Don Williams  Country Music 'Don' Makes It Subtle, Simple 11/2/2004
Jo Dee Messina  Vitality Felt By Messina Faithful 3/3/2004
Carlotta  Carlotta Meets Priscilla 17/3/2004
Copy Catz  The Teamwork Shows 7/4/2004
Shannon Noll  Noll Now The Real Thing 14/4/2004
Pete Murray  Making Every Post A Winner 14/4/2004
2005 Australian Swimsuit Calendar Girl Search  Aussie Cossie Model Search 21/4/2004
Shannon Noll  Idol Worship Set For Sell-out 28/4/2004
Spiderbait  Spiderbait On Track 5/5/2004
Isla Grant  Scot Rebuilds Career After Beating Fears 16/6/2004
Bec Cartwright  TV Start For Crush Party 23/6/2004
Missy Higgins  Seeing is Believing 23/6/2004
The Cat Empire  Cat Empire a Ruling Force 18/8/2004
Elvis to the Max  Long Lives 'The King' 25/8/2004
Afro Moses  African Music And Rhythm Celebrated 1/9/2004
Showdown at Sundown  Punters Not Livid 8/9/2004
Eskimo Joe  Eskimo Joe Is A Hit From The Heart 15/9/2004
Hale and Pace  Pair Sets Pace For Comedy 22/9/2004
Maeder  Maeder Find Combination To Unlock Rock Sound 29/9/2004
Model For Life Grand Final  Belmont Girl Tops The Field 6/10/2004
The Cat Empire  Cat Empire Land On Their Feet 13/10/2004
Showdown at Sundown  Punk Trio That Never Grew Up 20/10/2004
Chubby Checker  Chubby Checks In For A New Twist 20/10/2004
Showdown at Sundown  Where East Meets West 20/10/2004
Ross Wilson  Wilson To Come Back Again 3/11/2004
Machine Gun Fellatio  Machine Gun Set To Fire New Songs 17/11/2004
The Kings of Bingo  Double Trouble On The Bingo Board 24/11/2004
Chubby Checker  Rock Legend Still Twisting 1/12/2004
Suzi Quatro  Suzi Born To Rock 1/12/2004
Abbaolutely Fabba-ulous  Abba Music Set To Arrive 15/12/2004
Dakota Star  Japanese Vocalist Feels So American 5/1/2005
George Thorogood and the Destroyers  Good Thirty Years 5/1/2005
The Lanesbury Sisters  Bond: The Lanesbury 12/1/2005
George Thorogood and the Destroyers  Good Thirty Years 26/1/2005
Guy Sebastian  Back To A Normal Guy 2/2/2005
Violent Femmes  Back By Popular Request 2/2/2005
Paulini  Happy To Stay In The Groove 16/2/2005
Suzi Quatro  Rock's First Lady Roars Into Town 16/2/2005
Dominic Kirwan  Evergreen Kirwan Direct From Ireland 2/3/2005
George Thorogood and the Destroyers  Bad To The Bone And Living A Dream 9/3/2005
Wild Colonial Psychos  Talking Heads Pick A Mark 30/3/2005
Brendan Murphy  Schemes, Dreams, Going Solo 4/5/2005
The Night Is Young  Celebrated Young Guns Band Together 18/5/2005
Active Kidz  Join In Some Aero-pop With Active Kids Crew 25/5/2005
African Festival  Music, Dance, Culture In African Festival 25/5/2005
Isla Grant  A Taste Of Country Scottish Style 1/6/2005
Homeland Security Tour 2005  Get Your Politics Wrapped Up In Heavy Rock 22/6/2005
Sophie Bennett and Kia Luby  Sophie And Kia Saddle Up 6/7/2005
Active Kidz  Active Adults Inspire Lots Of Energetic Kids 6/7/2005
Isla Grant  Trouble Makes Grant Greater 10/8/2005
Juicy Fruit  Singer Enjoys The Fruit Of Training 24/8/2005
Bob Corbett  Corbett Has The Kudos From Folks Who Know 31/8/2005
Showdown at Sundown 2005  Ready For Showdown 7/9/2005
Pete Murray  Stonemason Pete Strips It All Back 7/9/2005
Handpicked  Young Bands Mixing It With World Beatbox Bro 21/9/2005
Showdown At Sundown  Not So Common Band Crack Code 28/9/2005
Jimmy Barnes  Leather Larynx Is One Classy Working Man 28/9/2005
Hooley Dooley's  Dooleys All-singing, Dancing 28/9/2005
Thirsty Merc  Reputation Of The Merc Rising 26/10/2005
Tambalane  Muse Calls After Wine Session 9/11/2005
Australian Wrestling Supershow 4: The Wild Weekend  No Holds Barred For Wild Men Of Wrestling 9/11/2005
Ash Grunwald  Delta Grooves Flow On A New Course 16/11/2005
Presidents of The USA  Presidents Spreading The Love Around 14/12/2005
Australian Surf Movie Festival  The Big Waves Are Back 14/12/2005
Dan England  Thinking Of England 11/1/2006
Australian Surf Movie Festival  Bonython Back With Big-wave Action 11/1/2006
Xavier Rudd  New Directions With Food In Belly 18/1/2006
Xavier Rudd  Rudd And Friends Put Down Roots 25/1/2006
Lee Harding  Harding Hot With Wasabi 25/1/2006
Eric Burdon and The New Animals  The Animals On Tour 22/2/2006

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