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Maeder Find Combination  To Unlock Rock Sound

Maeder Find Combination To Unlock Rock Sound

Who: Maeder, The Screaming Jets
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Saturday October 2, 2004

MELBOURNE rock outfit MAEDER looks set to become the next big thing on Australia's pub rock scene.

Plenty of experience has gone into creating the band's debut EP, Business In Me , which brings together influences of Australia's finest rock acts such as AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO and THE ANGELS. Maeder was recently asked to support one of Australia's favourite rock acts, THE SCREAMING JETS, and will join the Novocastrians at NEWCASTLE PANTHERS this weekend.

Founding band members NIC and SEBASTIAN MAEDER were raised in permanent transit between Melbourne and Switzerland, giving them a global education in rock.

It was after hearing AC/DC's classic Hell's Bells for the first time that Nic knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

``I heard Hell's Bells on the radio when I was 11 and that was it,'' Maeder said.

``That changed my life forever.'' While his brother Sebastian was more of a JUDAS PRIEST fan in his early years, the pair found common ground improvising guitar on tennis racquets and garden hoses as children.

The first time they played together in public at Sherbrook Community School, Sebastian's bass was bigger than he was. Sebastian said the pair's influences shifted to the heavier side of music much later.

``We had our Slayer phase, then Soundgarden. Anything with distortion was illegal until Nirvana brought it back to radio,'' Sebastian said.

``I loved that era too. People say rock's coming back, but we always knew where to find it.'' Together and apart in their own bedrooms and in a variety of hard-edged bands, Nic and Sebastian continued to hone their skills as writers and performers.

The combination paid off during a gig at Melbourne's ARMADALE HOTEL last year.

``All these labels were bugging the hell out of us,'' Nic recalled.

``I guess it was the songs, mainly. The songs and a lot of screaming, which not too many people were doing at the time.'' Maeder eventually chose to join independent label BLAH! RECORDS. The induction of drummer CAMERON McGLINCHEY and bass player KIT RILEY solidified the band's line up.

Sebastian said he auditioned at least 25 drummer but as soon as McGlinchey got behind the kit it felt like they had been playing together for years.

Nic was so confident with the line up that he booked a gig for the band at Melbourne's HI-FI BAR a week after meeting McGlinchey.

The honorary ``fifth member'' of Maeder arrived with a great deal more baggage.

Late last year legendary British rock producer STEVE JAMES, whose past credits include THIN LIZZY and THE SEX PISTOLS, leapt at the chance to work with Maeder.

The band headed to SING SING STUDIOS 10 days after their first gig and hit it off with James.

``Steve isn't the kind of guy who wants to change everything and whack on fairy dust,'' Nic said.

``He's good at keeping it all together, keeping everyone motivated and happy, getting great sounds.'' Finding the right musicians to join the band so quickly might sound too good to be true and Seb continues to feel that way.

``It's ridiculous how easy it was,'' Seb said.

``They're fantastic players, we all get along really well and we all want the same thing. We wanna be in one band, one really good band.

``Every musician eventually has to decide what they're best at doing, put their egos aside and work out where they slot in.

``A lot of bands I've played in, there's been a weak link. One guy isn't quite good enough or doesn't quite fit in. There's no weak links this time. This time it's gelled perfectly.'' Maeder will support The Screaming Jets at Newcastle Panthers on Saturday night.

Tickets are on sale at the club.

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