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Pair Sets Pace For Comedy

Pair Sets Pace For Comedy

Who: Hale and Pace
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Saturday November 13, 2004

HALE AND PACE, the British comedians whose humour has a definite albeit tongue-in-cheek edge, will return to Newcastle for one show at NEWCASTLE PANTHERS on Saturday, November 13.

Hale and Pace are famous for their role as The Two Rons, donning tuxedos and assuming the characters of unsmiling London East End ``heavies'' with violent, psychopathic thoughts.

The roles were likened to the underworld figures the Kray twins.

These characters are prevalent in many Hale and Pace sketches.

They caricature the psychopathic gangsters prevalent in the British films of the late 1990s.

Among Hale and Pace's other best-known characters are the children's television presenters Billy and Johnny, deadbeat cabbies Jed and Dave, money-conscious evangelists Nathan and Jeremiah, the brainless Curly and Nige and the Road Rage Milko.

Some of their television sketches have aroused controversy over the years, none more so than when they pretended to have microwaved a cat.

Both born in 1953, GARETH HALE and NORMAN PACE met at a teacher-training college in Eltham, South London, in 1971.

As roommates they discovered much common ground, particularly humour, and soon started playing together in a music- comedy group known as DAFFY. By 1976 they had formed a double act.

The BBC spotted them at the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL and gave them a RADIO 2 slot all of their own.

Tickets to their Newcastle show are on sale now from the venue and bookings can be made on 4926 th2700.

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