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Double Trouble On The Bingo Board

Double Trouble On The Bingo Board

Who: Steve Abbott, Flacco
What: The Kings of Bingo
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday November 25, 2004

ACCORDING to THE SANDMAN, everybody looks uncool playing bingo.

But that hasn't deterred him and his sidekick FLACCO from putting together a new show called together dubbed The Kings of Bingo. The formula is fairly simple: take two definitely uncool yet funny guys, throw in a couple of games of bingo and top it off with a live music performance.

Three games of bingo are called by Flacco and The Sandman, who provide their usual style of comic banter.

Prizes and surprises are thrown in for good measure.

Music is provided by the NON SEEKERS which features KARMA COUNTY bass player, MICHAEL GALEAZZI and singer, JACQUELINE AMIDY, who grew up in the Newcastle area.

The Kings of Bingo will be at NEWCASTLE PANTHERS for four shows this month and next, in November and December, starting this week on Thursday and Friday followed by dates on December 9 and 16.

STEPHEN ABBOTT has been an enduring part of the Australian comedy landscape, performing regularly over the past decade as the Sandman.

He has also found the time During that time he has found time to become an accomplished live performer, radio presenter, writer, actor, documentary maker and night show presenter.

Abbott has hosted the television series In Siberia Tonight for the past 10 weeks, marking his first outing as himself, not The Sandman.

But it is his role as the Sandman that has achieved national recognition, with performances on a number of different radio and television programs including The Fat , TRIPLE M'S breakfast show with AMANDA KELLER and TRIPLE J'S breakfast program with ADAM AND WIL. Abbot and PETER LIVINGSTON, known as Flacco, have developed a strong rapport and commonly perform together as Flacco and Sandman, on television and on tour.

Abbot's extensive live, stand-up tours of Australian include THE RAT PACK TOUR and FLACCO AND THE SANDMAN. He was also a founding member of THE CASTANET CLUB, Australia's original cabaret, between 1982 and 1989.

Like Abbott, Livingston has become best recognised as his alter ego.

Flacco was conceived on the pages of animator Livingston's drawing board in 1985 and has appeared around the globe since then, performing in festivals from Edinburgh to Montreal.

He appears regularly in The Flacco Files in the Australian Magazine and on ABC TV and radio.

Tickets to The Kings of Bingo are on sale now at Newcastle Panthers.

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