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Abbasolutely Fabulous

Abbasolutely Fabulous

Who: ABBA Thank You For the Music
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday November 19, 1999

SPORTING wigs and costumes more dazzling than a mirrorball in an electrical storm, the ABBASOLUTELY FABBULOUS ABBA tribute show will transport you back to the decade of flared pants and bouffants this Friday night.

The audience at the ABBA THANKYOU FOR THE MUSIC show at the Newcastle Workers Club will sway nostalgically to songs such as DANCING QUEEN, WATERLOO, MAMA MIA, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO and ROCK ME. Up on stage facsimiles of Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid will do their best to out-schmaltz the schmaltziest group in the history of the Top 40.

'ABBA's music is fun, the costumes are wacky, they are not something you wear around town, but are ideal to take everybody back to the great musical era of the seventies,' the band says.

Blink and you'll miss 'four of Agnetha's and Anni-Frid's greatest costumes' as well as 'all the great choreographed moves' of the original Swedish super group. TE

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